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An odd game about texting.

You can choose when it ends...
How far are you willing to go?

Cart #42296 | 2017-07-09 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Z/C: Look at Phone; Send Message
X: Put Phone Away; Go to Sleep (Hold)
Arrow Keys: Choose Message
(All controls are explained in-game)


  • This game touches on some darker subjects, which people may be sensitive to.
  • This game includes some dialogue which is arguably like cyberbullying.
  • This game is about dialogue, so be prepared to read. The script contains nearly 350 individual texts, though there's no way to see each one in a single playthrough.

This is a companion game to my surreal adventure game NULL.


  • v1: Initial Release
  • v1.1: Corrected an illogical text.
  • v1.2: Reworded a couple texts.
  • v1.3: Fixed a couple minor spelling/word choice issues.
P#41710 2017-06-16 23:39 ( Edited 2020-01-28 02:55)


Didn't realize the player was the bully.
So... I was like "oh you want to curse me? Turns off or say no for conversation while laughing and feels winning"

P#41725 2017-06-17 16:06 ( Edited 2017-06-17 20:06)

Wow that was really chilling, especially when [SPOILERS]

You turn off the phone and they're standing there! :O

Good job making a text-based game in Pico-8 too!

P#41744 2017-06-18 05:26 ( Edited 2017-06-18 09:26)

I really like this. Pretty unique for a pico-8 game as well (at least I haven't seen much else like it).

I enjoyed the multiple playthroughs aspect. Not sure I even have the full story after 4-5 goes.

The sound design is really really good - it builds the tension so well!

P#41749 2017-06-18 07:32 ( Edited 2017-06-18 11:32)

I really liked this! The sfx were great and the gameplay felt unique.

Now I want to see a sequel :)

P#41894 2017-06-23 13:35 ( Edited 2017-06-23 17:35)

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the support so far! This is my first Pico-8 Cart (and really the first game I've ever released publicly), and since I know it's kind of an odd one I wasn't sure how well it'd go over.

I also just updated the cart slightly, improving the wording in one bit of dialogue based on a friend's feedback.

--- Individual Replies ---

@NeithR Interesting interpretation. I've gotta say, it's been cool seeing the differences in how people interpret Messages.

@enargy To be honest, I've never planned to do a sequel for this. It took a looong time to get the script written, and I'm not sure how much more I could reasonably add to the formula. That said, it's awesome to hear that you enjoyed it enough to want one!

P#42262 2017-07-07 23:51 ( Edited 2017-07-08 03:59)

Very cool concept! I liked the ending. I couldn't determine if that was the player or someone the player saw at the end, but I think it's left open to interpretation on purpose. I like it, well done!

P#46712 2017-11-26 02:30 ( Edited 2017-11-26 07:30)

When playing I didn't know this is about school-bully or cyber-bully at all until I saw the comment lol. At first I thought this is about home-sick and the MC is paranoid about their friends not missing for him/her anymore. (Yeah I have to admit I had this experience when I was a teenager.)

Anyway very cool game! Like how the messages glitches to reveal something horror or real

P#46715 2017-11-26 06:48 ( Edited 2017-11-26 11:48)

Excellent game!

P#46744 2017-11-27 13:29 ( Edited 2017-11-27 18:29)

Gives me the spooks, but it is an AMAZING game

P#58882 2018-11-08 14:35 ( Edited 2018-11-08 19:36)

Hey, thanks all! Always nice to hear people are still enjoying this!

I'm not going to try to confirm or deny any theories, but I have actually released a (very different) companion game to this called NULL: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=30504

P#58888 2018-11-08 18:20 ( Edited 2018-11-08 23:20)

This is definitely one of the most unique Pico 8 games I've played. The atmosphere was tense as heck and the sound effects were used to great effects. The ending definitely caught me by surprise. Overall, great job, man.

P#59300 2018-11-23 19:56 ( Edited 2018-11-24 00:56)

This is a really interesting game, good job :)

P#69750 2019-11-09 11:59


The encounters man (EM) from Null is kidnapping Jade and Messages' MC. EM only kidnaps kids whose parents have been fighting.

P#69761 2019-11-09 21:36

Kind of dark but interesting! I haven't played the other game, but the first place my head goes is:

intrusive thoughts - the distorted messages feel like the kinds of things that someone's brain might throw at them out of fear of them being true.

Thank you for posting it! It was quite well done.

P#69840 2019-11-12 04:01

I just


P#91113 2021-04-26 12:11

Love it :)

P#91116 2021-04-26 13:54

Oh whoops I haven't replied to anything on here in a long while but thanks for the love folks! Always nice to see people keep rediscovering this.

P#91124 2021-04-26 15:45

I got goosebumbs.

P#93065 2021-06-05 17:29

@Scathe I believe it's jade, that my personal theory.

P#94479 2021-07-05 14:26

Good game! Also (spoilers)

God damn it, I knew if I put my phone down when their pfp was all demony they would be RIGHT THERE!

P#106498 2022-02-07 15:32

the end (spoilers) was so creepy it freaked me out lol

P#108450 2022-03-11 16:26

my end is: normal night

P#108494 2022-03-12 15:45

Unsolved Mysteries theme tune (1998) playing in background

P#109102 2022-03-24 15:20

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