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Cart #neatonexus-3 | 2022-02-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Time is all of a jumble and Captain Neat-O is trapped in the middle of it! Battle enemies, solve puzzles and find the tools you need to escape the Time Nexus and stop whoever is behind this nefarious plot.

Gain an extra heart for every 100 gems collected. There are 300 gems to collect in total but some of them are hidden in secrets areas so keep an eye out for walls look a little bit different.

This is an entry for Toy Box Jam 3 using the graphics, music and sound effect assets supplied as part of the jam.

Music by @gruber_music

Most art by @TobyThePoser

Updated to fixed a couple of things and make the final boss fight a bit shorter.

P#107459 2022-02-22 06:23 ( Edited 2022-02-23 08:51)


Superb platformer, @paranoidcactus. Reminds me strongly of Commander Keen.

The only suggestion I have might would be to add an EASY level where enemies once hit don't recover and respawn as they do currently.

Super work, gold star.

P#107461 2022-02-22 07:11

I won! Some of the bosses felt really hard compared to everything else but I had a blast running through and finding stuff everywhere.
Well except blasting Bushe in the face.. I feel bad still ;\

P#107463 2022-02-22 07:54

Completed it with about 260 gems and 10 out of 20 secrets found. Clever how the puzzles fit into the enormous levels without needing to be on separate screens. Really smooth motion.

The first boss felt reasonable to me, but the final boss felt a little tedious. I worked out the patterns, but still needed to spent a long time chipping away. Could you make it so that bombs always cause health (not shield) damage, so if you manage to plant 2 or even 3 bombs, they get through the boss that much faster?

P#107467 2022-02-22 08:40

Found a spot in the second area (the cave) where you can get soft-locked. If you move the green wall down and the blue wall over that other gap you get stuck in that spot and I can’t seem to get out, forcing a restart :/

P#107481 2022-02-22 16:20

It’d be cool to see a “remake” of this game without the TBJ’s limitations in place, as your games always have great art

P#107482 2022-02-22 16:22

@dw817 An easy mode would be good to add but I don't have enough tokens right now. I have managed to recover a few tokens but I've used them to fix a few bugs.

@SmellyFishstiks and @Cowirrie I've adjusted the final boss so you only need to bomb it 4 times instead of 6. Also made bombs a bit more powerful so if you put down 2 or 3 bombs on the boss it can take his shield down to 50%.

@ScrubSandwich I fixed that problem in the second area so you can't get stuck if you jump up onto the blue platform when the green wall is down. Making it so there are now two valid solutions to getting through that part.

P#107521 2022-02-23 05:49

after beating the first boss i came to ( a shooting head ) i got a blue screen with a congratulations message and then couldnt do anything ? is that the end of the game ?

P#107527 2022-02-23 08:34

@bigjus nope that was a bug that causes the game to end if you didn't immediately run through the door after killing the boss. I've fixed it now.

P#107531 2022-02-23 09:31

thank you ! i beat the second boss and got the same blue screen message again - is that another bug or the end ?
stellar game btw

P#107658 2022-02-25 20:09

Looks awesome

P#107882 2022-03-01 21:02

this is a really fun game!

P#108106 2022-03-06 00:15

I would really like to play this game! But all my devices tell me "Future Version. Please Update" I've downloaded the cart manually and also from SPLORE and same deal.

Does anyone have any idea what my problem is?

P#112283 2022-05-25 18:44

@p8-head That means you need to download a more recent version of pico-8. You get that warning if the version number for the game is higher than the version number of the engine, in which case the game isn't guaranteed to work correctly.

P#112291 2022-05-25 21:27

this game was quite good!

P#112789 2022-06-06 14:58

it took hours, but i did it! this is an amazing game, and i cant wait to see whats next. keep up the good work!

P#112808 2022-06-06 18:37 ( Edited 2022-06-06 18:38)

cant get to any boss

P#113770 2022-06-28 17:50

Fantastic really enjoyed this

P#114019 2022-07-07 11:26

has anyone got 300 gems? i have 93

P#114082 2022-07-08 17:46

That was such a excellent game ! Good job ^_^

P#114684 2022-07-23 17:41

I have completed this game in 45:47:88.

P#115985 2022-08-18 16:45 ( Edited 2022-08-18 16:46)

I seem to have gotten stuck. When retrieving the golden key there is a two switch puzzle with a red and a purple switch just before it. I managed to hit the purple switch and get to the other side before the purple door came down (not sure if I was supposed to be able to do this?. But now this is a dead end as to open the purple door again I need to hit the switch on the other side of the closed purple door. Resetting to checkpoint takes me back to the gold key area. Really excellent game, I was enjoying it.

P#116083 2022-08-21 04:25

Ok to start great game. I like all the areas and and i like the bosses. Just a masterpiece in general i would deffintily pay to play this game on a switch or steam deck

P#128661 2023-04-17 15:23

I really enjoyed this game, I blasted through it and probably missed half of the secrets, but I couldn't stop. The bosses felt at first a huge spike in difficulty, but then it only took 3 attempts or so to defeat them. In general I found the game very engaging and balanced.

P#137466 2023-11-15 11:35

Such a great game. Love Gruber's music too. The player physics feel really good

P#140473 2024-01-23 08:08

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