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Cart #distant_galaxy-0 | 2024-01-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

"Distant Galaxy" catapults players back to the golden era of arcade gaming, rekindling the nostalgia of classics like Galaga and Space Invaders. Embark on a cosmic journey as a fearless fighter pilot, armed with powerful missiles and a heart full of courage (5 heart-fulls to be exact!). Prepare to traverse the uncharted realms of the universe, where the stars twinkle in 8-bit brilliance and the galaxies hum with an energetic chip-tune soundtrack.

In Distant Galaxy, you'll face off against legions of adorable yet menacing alien hordes as you bob and weave through the chaos of their attacks. But beware – the universe is not all fun and games. Encounter disgusting mini-bosses and colossal cyclops commanders, and put your reflexes to the test as you navigate the cosmic battlefield. So, gear up, pilot – the universe awaits your pixelated heroics in this heart-pounding, eye-catching, and downright fun blast from the past!

  • 15 levels
  • 10 alien species, each with different behaviors, health and points
  • Sub boss, mini boss and big boss battles
  • Collect powerups and fire up to 10 at once to deal massive damage
  • If you're health is below 5 hearts, collect 10 powerups for an extra heart
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