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:: impbox

@dw817 @farvardin yes as per my previous reply it's broken in 0.1.8 and presumably later.

It may be possible to fix but it's going to be quite a lot of work to change how maps are stored.

P#28130 2016-09-07 03:22 ( Edited 2016-09-07 07:22)
:: dw817

Oww ... I REALLY wanted to try out this game - but I'm not backtracking in OS versions. Ok, best to you. :)

P#30728 2016-10-11 23:00 ( Edited 2016-10-12 03:00)
:: dw817

As mentioned Geist (if you follow the previous conversations), this game apparently only works in PICO-8 v1.8 and prior.

P#30740 2016-10-12 11:18 ( Edited 2016-10-12 15:18)

wow I just realized previous pico-8 versions aren't available!
I still have 0.1.8 but it seems this game used to work in 0.1.7.

P#30756 2016-10-12 13:00 ( Edited 2016-10-13 08:19)
:: dw817

Geist, I think it's possible this game was written with a lot of hardware tricks that were still in beta development.

This sometimes happens with software. I know for a-while TRS-80 III hardware could not run particular variates of TRS-80 II software.

Still ... I would like to see an update to this so it runs current version PICO-8.

P#30758 2016-10-12 13:20 ( Edited 2016-10-12 17:20)

actually found a 0.1.6 from may on my download dir.
so here's a working html export: *removed* (game was fixed)

P#30765 2016-10-12 14:42 ( Edited 2018-04-10 09:33)
:: dw817

UB, how about you post it Online ? Maybe on the Itchy site ? Then everyone can play it.

P#30807 2016-10-12 21:50 ( Edited 2016-10-13 01:50)

nope dw, not my game, not my call. this belongs on impbox's itchio page if/when he wants it to happen.
just posted this as a quick workaround for people who really want to play it somehow.

P#30822 2016-10-13 04:07 ( Edited 2016-10-13 08:30)
:: dw817

IMPBOX, how about storing the map in a standard ARRAY and writing your own plotter for it ? If you're not sure how - that is definitely up my alley as I've always had to write a map plotter for any programming language I've used.

Then again, [color=red]ZEP[/color] could just relinquish the problem of the overlay of tile images and the mapper.

If it truly is a FANTASY system as he says, and it is not just a limitation of his programming skill or of the memory model he may have had to choose, this should be no difficulty at all - and in fact help HUNDREDS of PICO programmers.

It's not going to bother me as it will be exceptionally rare if I ever use the mapper space for any of my carts.

P#30897 2016-10-13 20:59 ( Edited 2016-10-14 01:02)

First time trying to play this, and I thought the corruption was intentional. But I guess it seems broken.

P#33603 2016-12-17 14:50 ( Edited 2016-12-17 19:50)
:: enargy

After a little testing, I figured some rules for mset/mget and created these functions which store map values in 'mem', a 2d array (more space than you need, but I guess now you can make a larger map?).:

function _mset(x,y,val)
   if val==nil then
function _mget(x,y)
   if x == nil then x=0 end
   if y == nil then y=0 end
   if x<0 or y<0 then return 0
   else return mem[flr(x)][flr(y)] end

(It's possible there are some bugs in the above, but based on my tests this seemed to be the behavior of those built-in functions.)

I replaced all the calls to mget/mset with these new functions. And updated the _draw function to use a tilemap approach (for map tiles) instead of calling map().

I haven't fully tested it, and the map blitting function could probably be improved. But this will get Tempest to work in the latest version of pico8:

Cart #33663 | 2016-12-19 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This really is a cool game, Impbox. Hope you continue work on it!

P#33664 2016-12-18 23:42 ( Edited 2016-12-19 04:43)
:: impbox

Thanks very much enargy! I've updated the thread with your version! =)

Sadly I haven't had much time for this project lately.

P#33665 2016-12-19 00:53 ( Edited 2016-12-19 05:53)
:: enargy

Not a problem. It was a quick fix. I'm new to pico8, but if there are other carts that are broken due to that issue, the same method should work for them. I'm just glad I got a chance to check it out. It's a really fun little game!

Hopefully you'll come back to it eventually. I really like the menu/interaction system you've put together here.

P#33703 2016-12-19 10:16 ( Edited 2016-12-19 15:16)

Nice survival game, hope it get finished soon.

Anyway it seems the game in "featured" reflect the 0.30 version which have the map "bug" :(
Also during gameplay found 2 bugs, one of them is quite severe.

After 18 minutes of game the player will freeze, this is due to "frame" variable overflowing into a negative number and player movement is only handled after frame 210. The player can't do anything apart of waiting for game over!

one solution in _update is:

if frame >= 32767 then -- prevent overflow which freeze the player
 frame = 255 -- anything over 210 is fine

Also noticed that outside the map it's covered by player character (tile 0)

following patch on _draw solves it:

 local tileid
 for mx=0,16 do
  for my=0,16 do
   if tileid == nil or tileid == 0 then
     tileid=30 -- ocean
P#34797 2017-01-02 21:20 ( Edited 2017-01-03 19:36)
:: impbox

Sorry it's been broken for a long time, now I finally had some time to fix it up! Thanks for the interim community fixes =)

Hope to add the farming and fishing and cooking to it soon!

P#40221 2017-05-05 15:51 ( Edited 2017-05-05 19:51)

I will honestly say this seems a very fun game, but I'd do away with the 'You HAVE to do X, Y, and Z whenever you start the game, or else you die immediately...' part. Extend the 'intro' a bit instead if possible, otherwise I'm having a lot of fun. :D

P#40225 2017-05-05 20:57 ( Edited 2017-05-06 00:57)
:: enargy

Glad to see you're working on this again! :)

P#40279 2017-05-07 14:29 ( Edited 2017-05-07 18:29)

Runtime error at Day 30

P#40304 2017-05-08 02:27 ( Edited 2017-05-08 06:27)

Probably not meant to play this thing to day 30 or 40, another runtime error

P#40360 2017-05-09 01:56 ( Edited 2017-05-09 05:57)

Man, I love this but I can't stop the cold! I got as far as a fire.

P#42799 2017-07-25 18:22 ( Edited 2017-07-25 22:22)

Welp, I survived for over a month, had over 100 fruit, made a teepee village, a camp area with a natural cave, a cabin farming village with trees and crops and wells (and only two patches of grain from what I could gather from the wreckage) I'd say that I did everything I needed to.
Awesome game! Though, it does get a little stale after twenty days or so. But I can't wait for more stuff to be added! There's so many possibilities for a game like this! =^w^=

P#52032 2018-04-25 21:16 ( Edited 2018-04-26 01:17)

you could add save system

P#56259 2018-09-06 07:51 ( Edited 2018-09-06 11:51)
:: dw817

Seems to run fine now in Pico-8 v0.1.11g. This game overall is a mathematical marvel. Creating whole islands from scratch and the terrain and flora besides.

Really quite nice ! I keep dying on 0 days though because it is hard as hell to stay alive.

P#56270 2018-09-06 12:21 ( Edited 2018-09-06 16:26)

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