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Cart [#9996#] | Copy | Code | 2015-04-19 | Link

Cart [#9997#] | Copy | Code | 2015-04-19 | Link

Howdy folks, this is my submission for LD48 #32! Definitely rough around the edges, but for my first work with Pico8 I am delighted.

There are some moving background and stuff that might cause motion sickness, so I included a no-blinky version that should have most of that gone.

Before playing, read the rules so you know how it works:

  • defeat your opponent by making BINGO
  • you have a 3x3 bingo card and a hand of 3 numbers below it
  • you and the CPU take turns playing numbers until someone gets a bingo
  • OR until the DEAD PILE fills up
  • numbers played that aren't on either player's board go in the DEAD PILE
  • if the DEAD PILE fills up (5 numbers), whoever played the last number loses 5 life
  • if someone gets BINGO, the other player takes 5 damage per BINGO plus the size of the DEAD PILE
  • you each start with 15hp

There are four stages and it should go quick; hope you enjoy!

pico8 bingo strategy ludumdare
P#9998 2015-04-19 12:11

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