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Cart #bubblegum_spin-4 | 2024-04-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

One Quarter.

One Insatiable Hunger for Bubblegum.

Bubblegum Spin is a tactical bubble shooting
game to be played at your own pace. How large
of a bubble will you blow?


  • Match three or more gumballs
    of the same color to remove
    them from the sticky mass.

  • Unmatching gumballs that are
    unrooted will also be removed.

  • Remove all the gumballs
    to move to the next round.

  • If the sticky mass touches
    the edge, it's GAME OVER!

  • After every four misses, you
    will be punished.

  • Don't dawdle! Each punishment hurts
    more than the last.

  • Your score is multiplied by the
    number of colors currently in play.


  • ⬅️/➡️: aim
  • ⬆️: return aimer to upright position
  • X or ❎: fire
  • Z or 🅾️: hold to preview your next gumballs and view your shot counter.



  • Added a score multiplier that corresponds with the number of colors in play.
  • After round five, each new round will punish your misses slightly more.
P#143764 2024-03-18 21:53 ( Edited 2024-04-02 19:56)

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When calling fget without a flag index, how can you translate
the bitfield returned by fget back into it's respective flag index (0-7)?

P#138115 2023-12-01 21:03