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Mally and the Missing Manuscript - Floor 1 Demo
by zerkdev
Enhanced PICO-8 cheat sheet
by LightBWK
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Hello, i hope everyone is having a good 2021 so far :)

A good friend of mine (@Dad Jr.) introduced me to Pico-8 back in November 2020, and i set about looking for a tutorial on youtube to learn the Pico-8 interface and how lua works in general. Coming from Python the syntax was a little weird but was easy enough to get around (i hate tables).

Eventually i found a video series from Dylan Bennett ( @MBoffin) describing how to create a simple top down adventure game

After that @Dad Jr. and I collaborated, and today we believe we have a demo ready for use!

Mally and the Missing Manuscript

Cart #matmm_demo1-0 | 2021-01-04 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


You are Mally, an archivist working for the local museum.

One day a patron requests to see a manuscript from the old archives located in the ruined basement, a place no one has been in since the museum was rebuilt years ago.

Can you safely traverse the old archives, and find the missing manuscript?

How to Play


Arrows: Movement / Turn Actions

❎/X/5: Turn Actions
🅾️/Z/4: Contextual Actions



  • Can Destroy cracked walls and skeletons. Inert when planted, Must be activated by using contextual action button.
  • Takes 3 turns to detonate.
  • Bombs explosions can be chained together to produce traps for enemies, given you've found or purchased enough bombs to do it.

Ink Pens

  • Used to stun skeletons.
  • Skeletons stay stunned for 2 turns.

Planned / To-Do

  • Additional Floors
    Currently there is only a single floor implemented, but more are in the works.

  • Museum Gift shop
    Currently this is implemented in the demo museum gift shop (the spawn area), but is not very utilized as there is only a single floor to the old archives.
    This map also must be updated with more details as right now its a barren empty room.

  • Token Optimization (Pass #5 or so)

  • Player / Enemy Movement / Tile Transition Animation

Credits / Citations

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