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Hi all,

Together as "Road Software", Robsoft (of Pico8 Tanks fame) and I have joined forces to create a tribute/de-make of Oh Mummy! There’s a superb version for Pico8 by Hokutoy (which I’m sure many of you will already played) however we’ve tried to take a different path, wanting to create something aligned to the 1984 Gem Software, CPC 464 version (although it does deviate in a few places where we feel we’ve built on the original…).

Coding is from Robsoft, with SFX, music and GFX from me. We’d love to have your feedback – we’ve got plenty more ideas that we’re looking to develop as a team and want to learn as much as we can from the Pico-8 community.

Gameplay is very similar to the original – walk around 4 sides of each box to uncover various items including treasure, golden and guardian mummies, keys and scrolls. To complete a level: find the key and royal mummy, with 5 levels per pyramid.

You can also download the game at itch.io.
Hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed making this.


Road Software

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