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Plunder the tombs of the great Egyptian royal families - now in 3D!!

Following on from our first release, Picoh Mummy, for the Monster Mix and Match Jam #MMAMJAM, weareroad presents 3D Picoh Mummy.

Ok, yes. It is another 'mummy' game, and the concept had nothing to do with us thinking we could re-use our assets from the first game - particularly when we realised that most of them couldn't be re-used, what with that tricky extra dimension and all...

On with the show...

Fresh from his recent 2D outing, and faced with the likely economic ruin of an oncoming Brexit, our hero has turned a decided shade darker in this, his latest adventure.

Released from his British Museum role due to "re-balancing of human capital", he found an outlet on the black market for the treasure of the great Pharaohs, he sold his Sam Coupé retro computer to fund a trip to Egypt, and he's off, plundering whatever isn't nailed down from the ancient tombs...

Gameplay and rules are similar(ish) to Picoh Mummy:

Cursor keys control direction: forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right

'x' + cursor keys: 'glance' - useful for checking out your surroundings without turning around

Travel round four sides of each 'tomb' to open; the blue path shows where you've already travelled.

For a more immersive experience, we recommend playing in full-screen and with headphones 🎧.

As always, we hope you enjoying playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it! 😊

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