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Cart #33888 | 2016-12-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hey there! I'm working on a heavily Super Mario Bros. inspired side-scroller that uses procedural generation for its levels. Despite the appearance, it's not going to be entirely Super Mario, however. There's going to be unrelated characters and monsters, and the player character will use a three point health system instead of power-up tiers.

It's far from finished, obviously. The basic level generation is complete, but it lacks enemies and many stuff. Levels cannot be completed yet, and side areas like bonus rooms and the starting and ending areas for underground and underwater levels are not implemented.

If anyone would like to contribute some code, art, or sounds/music, feel free! At this point, the token count currently stands at 1426.

Arrows: Select choice; adjust seed
Z or X: Select option; hold either or both to scroll through seed quickly

Arrows: Move left or right
X: Jump

Additionally, at the level start screen, pressing Z and X will adjust the current world and level retrospectively, but that won't be in the final game. You can return to this screen through the pause menu.

General roadmap of planned features:
(): Not implemented
(-): Partially implemented
(+): Implemented

(-) Title screen
(+) Platforming engine (credit goes to mhughson)
(+) Screen generation
(+) Level types
(-) Chunk layouts
() Bonus rooms
() Underwater physics
() Block behaviours
(+) Coins
() Enemies
() Power-ups
() Sound and music
() Opening and finishing areas for underground and underwater levels
() Level ending cutscenes
() Warp zones
() Boss for castle levels
() Losing a life
() Game Over screen
() 2 player mode (alternating turns)

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Hi there. I'm somewhat new here, having bought PICO-8 a few weeks ago now. I'm still a novice at coding, but I managed to make a somewhat bouncy and wobbly world out of it, using the platformer engine by mhughson as a base and the sine wave code by qbicfeet. Would be great for a bouncy castle-like environment or a jelly world.

Hold down any of the jump buttons to bounce higher and higher, although sometimes it does a low bounce for some reason. You'll also bounce off of walls if you run into them. If you want to refine some of the code, you're welcome to.

Oh, and just a little warning; this might be slightly motion sickness inducing. Have fun.

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