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The Climbing of Asiic
by Risike
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Hello from France! Sorry for my bad english.

I would like to present you The Climbing of Asiic. This is a rogue like inspired by the famouse The Binding of Isaac with a keyboard/mouse gameplay.
I have build this game to prove that it's possible to create Pico-8 games with a good replay value.

So... What's included:

  • 6 shot types with 5 shot elements = 30 weapons combinations!
  • 16 monsters with 4 variations each = 64 monsters included bosses!
  • Many shot types and movement types for enemis
  • about 30 items to upgrade your character
  • procedurally generated dungeons
  • 31 different rooms
  • 4 game modes : Hill, Mount, Peak (easy, medium, hard) and Speed Run
  • a scoring system

To unlock Mount mode you must download the cartidge and win the Hill mode.
To unlock Peak mode you must download the cartidge and win the Mount mode.

The game is complete except the music. I must finish to write it.
It's a beta version, so some bugs can be still present. You can report the bugs here.

I hope you will enjoy my game!

Some tips :

Monsters loot items. So clean each level to have a chance to upgrade you character.
One item is present in each level. Find it!

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