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Cart #33058 | 2016-12-05 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A Pokemon Yellow Demake! (Not Complete)

Sorry, this cart is likely to not be complete by me since I haven't touched it in several months, but I didn't want all the art work to go to waste so I put it up anyways. I hope someone gets a bit of nostalgic joy from seeing something that is (fairly) accurate to the real game on the Pico-8!

I learned a lot about sprite art design and music from recreating this game. If someone would like to work on it further and you have any questions, you can send me a message on twitter @illMadeCoder, I'd love to help!

Thanks for checking out my cart!
From illMadeCoder

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Deep Within the Void
Cold and Alone
All that is Left
The Violet Signal

Hint: To skip the intro hold z+x, but c'mon, give it a watch!

The Violet Signal
A Boss Only SHMUP

A Pico-8 Game made by Jesse Bergerstock @illMadeCoder 2016

Locate The Violet Signal by triangulating signal and overcoming a space horror at each node!

About The Game

Hello Pico-8 forum, this is the first game I've moved from zero to complete after years of of making half games in Unity, I managed to get through it in the simple Pico-8 engine.

This project took my approximately three months off and on to complete, going into it with no other pico-8 experience. A successful summer project.

I think for the most part the game speaks for itself, controls are located at the bottom of the title screen. The game itself consists of three separate stages, which are all boss fights in the traditional sense.

If you'd like to help with development let me know if any of the bosses gave you a particularly hard or easy time! Each stage is inspired by some of the major SHMUP subgenres and it has been tricky to balance.

I want to thank a few people who helped with the development of this game:
@lexaloffle - For Pico-8!
@morningtoast - For a load of super valuable feedback on shmups!
@NoelFB - For introducing me to the power of Pico-8 through Celeste, and some encouraging words on twitter!
@gruber_music - For advice on music which will surely help with future projects! I had to learn music from scratch for this.
@impbox - For programming advice (specifically removal of tokens) and encouragement!
@krajzeg - For Pico-8 games to website advice. Made the playtesting a lot easier once I learned how to get my game on itch.io privately.
@thataintfalco - For the unparalleled amount of playtesting and encouragement. He must have played the game around as much as I have over the last few months.
@WazpRanger - For many years of long discussions about games as a form of art, and what could be done with this new means of expression and experience. Also for giving me cause to get into game programming as early as I did, nearly 3 years ago now.

Thanks for reading and I hope you manage to locate The Violet Signal.

Don't lose your mind to the endless abyss!

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