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Cart [#27372#] | Copy | Code | 2016-08-25 | Link

Got things mostly working. (but still borked on right walls and cornes) Placeholder camera implemented, want to add dead zone and false boundaries to it eventually.

Taking an official break of sorts while I contemplate robust collision (and probably slopes) offline. I've made some progress on the theme/flavor, but I'm still keeping that to myself while I hammer on the basics.

Strange, editing the post I got the bbs to eat all my previous version. Broken tags below.

0.15 - Here it's half-working with all sorts of fun debug displays added.

0.14 - First pass at something resembling collision; completely broken for the moment. But don't offer assistance yet! When I get back home I'll have time to dig in it and see what has transpired.

ver 0.13 - I needed a little air control, too

ver 0.12 - Here, have a jump

ver 0.1 - just trying to lay out some of the basics - no collision, vertical movement, or really anything so far.

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