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While I continue my hiatus from working on silly-detailed platforming, I thought I'd workshop camera scrolling. I enjoy adventurey things, and using the camera to "hide" areas and enhance transitions has always felt good to me.

I could just use map flags and get per-tile camera control, though that might be more detailed map work than I want to do. (every boundary might need two lines of camera tiles: [main area]<->[reset]<->[show]<->[secret area] )

A little less involved would be minimap-scale flagging, which could be stored as an array, or just as pixels in an unused area of the sprite/map memory. (pixel per "screen", flagged for camera "edges" "corners" and "secrets") Tracking it this way might also be handy for music switching, atmospheric effect triggers, etc.

Now that I compare the two above techniques, per-tile flags might be nice to avoid getting stuck with screen resolution for secret area boundaries. Plus with a minimap scale, you're essentially adding a second fuzzy layer of tile-detection on top of any map tile checking already happening for collision and such.

Any thoughts or handy shortcuts that haven't occurred to me?

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