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barmen with "dead voice"


Just a blue awkward fluff dragon that talks too much and doesn't really have a control on his ambitions. I normally go by Azure. If I said something stupid, I'm sorry, and if it was a while ago, I'm probably less stupid now.


Avid game developer who finds happiness in spreading joy to others.

Huge fan of 3rd to 5th gen games.

Working on a big small project atm.


Pico-8 fan


i am 18, a programmer and gamer :3
i program in C, Pyhton, Lua and abit of C#

I like pixeled graphics and chiptune sound game.
I just released a pico-8 game on Steam!


Joseph White, a fantasy console & game developer based in Tokyo. I'm currently working on Voxatron and PICO-8.

you found my profile! as a reward for visiting, you may look at the paragraph below...

through a patented process, I have determined with 99% accuracy that these two carts which I have pinned are the two best dog-themed games on the BBS:

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