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Controls for keyboard:

Player 1: Dpad for movement, Z for jump, X for attack.
Player 2: ESDF for movement, W for jump, Q for attack.


v 0.5

APRIL Update! New everything! Again!


Brand new FULL OST by RidgeK found HERE!

Speedier, punchier combat!

Better graphics!

3 boss fights!

Working arcade with classic PICO-8 games!

Voice acting! (sorta)

A second level! (kinda)

Unlockable secrets!

Your favorite Heroes in a Half Shell are back, exclusively on the PICO-8 BBS.

If you are interested in some of the snapshots of the development of this game (or you just really miss one of the old versions), check out my WIP post.

Bug reports, suggestions, etc gratefully accepted! I am still learning how to do this!

Thanks for playing!

v 0.2

Holiday '22 update! New engine, artwork, music, sounds, pretty much everything!

Protip: Use the Konami code at the title screen with the turtles for extra settings.

v 0.1

Please enjoy this latest demo of level 1! It's basically "a game" now, so I've moved it out of work in progress. Hoping to have a 3 level game when I'm done and will do a full teardown and postmortem at that point.

Feel free to leave any feedback you might have! The code is fairly commented out and readable for those interested, though it's a little compact to save token space. Next version might have the comments out because I'm getting close to the cart limit with all of them in.

Thanks for playing!

P#115347 2022-08-07 02:17 ( Edited 2023-11-11 17:19)

When I first played, @Wolfe3D, the bad guy appeared behind me and then scrolled off, and then the game scrolling stopped. The bad guy did not return and there wasn't any way to reach him, locking the level, requiring restart.

P#115348 2022-08-07 02:57

@dw817 sorry about that! It's still pretty buggy, I'll see if I can prevent that kind of thing from happening in the next build.

P#115350 2022-08-07 03:07

That's fine, @Wolfe3D. Looks like a good game otherwise. Let me see how far I can get in it ...

P#115353 2022-08-07 03:31

This is so cool!

P#115369 2022-08-07 14:39

@bikibird Thanks! And thanks again for your amazing boombox! Hoping to add at least one more sample :)

P#115371 2022-08-07 15:20

So cool!!!!

P#115410 2022-08-08 00:43

There's a bug where you have to wait for the bodys to dissappear before it continues scrolling

P#115484 2022-08-08 19:59

@Toblerone thanks yeah I've encountered that myself. Definitely on my fix list.

P#115485 2022-08-08 20:23

Bump for the April Update!

P#128654 2023-04-17 10:15

Wowww that opening sequence! chef's kiss

P#128656 2023-04-17 10:33

So good.

P#128658 2023-04-17 13:33

Sweet! This is a great game.

I did encounter a crash. I was playing as April and had a sword. A bit after defeating the big mouser, I entered a building, the music changed and big foot solder showed up, but the background didn't immediately change. After playing for a few seconds, the background turned into a red room, then the game crashed.

P#128662 2023-04-17 15:27

@TrevorJacobs thanks for the report and screen grab! I will look into that.

P#128665 2023-04-17 15:33

Intro is amazing! Encountered an error when fighting foot clan in first downward scrolling section.

P#128666 2023-04-17 15:37

@Trog Thanks for the bug report! I'm going to try and patch this later today.

P#128668 2023-04-17 15:42

@TrevorJacobs @Trog I've updated the cart with that error. Please let me know if it happens again!

P#128669 2023-04-17 16:03

So amazingly good! PCM effects are tastefully done and work well with the music tracks.

P#128686 2023-04-18 00:24

Thank you so much for the kind words and awesome tech @bikibird. The samples really help the game come alive! I hope I can squeak a few more samples in the final build...

P#128690 2023-04-18 01:03

This is a massive project! I can't wait to see the full game released. Plus, your visuals are amazing.

P#129185 2023-04-30 14:15

Having a great time running this and I managed to break it! Still having fun though :)

P#135350 2023-10-03 15:14

This was really cool. I like it a lot. Thank you for making this.

P#142885 2024-03-13 22:44

Any chance for sharing the p8.png files? I would love to play it offline. Thanks!

P#144249 2024-03-23 21:48

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