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Geometry Dash Remake

I've decided to remake Geometry Dash on pico-8.

To-do List

  • Physics and Graphics ☑
  • Music Speed ☑
  • Rolling Skin ☑
  • Map ☑
  • Launcher ☑
  • Spikes ☑
  • Skin ☑
  • Colors ☑
  • Background ☑
  • Plane Mode ☑
  • Pause Menu ☐
  • Orb Test ☐
  • Real Audio Mixing ☐
  • Effects ☐
  • Color Picker ☐


0.6 - Mouse Available

Geometry Dash

Cart #gd_launcher_test-4 | 2022-05-01 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


Endless Runner 0.1
T-line Sprite Rotation
Fade 2 Black

Copyright Notice

The copyright of this game does not belong to me, it belongs to Robtop Games.
This game is made only as a tribute to great games.

Original Introduce

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours!

Game Features

• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Lots of levels with unique soundtracks!
• Build and share your own levels using the level editor!
• Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Lots of achievements and rewards!
• No in-app purchases!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

P#109240 2022-03-27 07:28 ( Edited 2022-05-01 11:28)

Hey, if someone has a perfect version of Geometry Dash, please share it to me. Then I don't need to make it again.

P#109241 2022-03-27 07:29 ( Edited 2022-03-27 11:07)

Got past the obstacles, @lily.kensa. Is there more ? Perhaps the field could be procedurally generated ?

P#109254 2022-03-27 13:39

I got past too.

P#109308 2022-03-28 10:22


Yes, easy to pass, right?
I just made a few obstacles at will to test physics.
And next, I will test if the music and map scrolling speed are together.
Then make player roll.

The final version will be a launcher, connects to different level, using load(). It should look like the original game's pixel version.

...I hope so.

P#109310 2022-03-28 12:13 ( Edited 2022-03-28 12:52)

Oops, if the player keeps pressing pause, the music speed can't line up.

P#109408 2022-03-30 12:18 ( Edited 2022-03-30 12:46)

Looking good, @lily.kensa. New update adds more to map. May I ask how you are storing your map ?

P#109425 2022-03-30 16:22




Like this. When using mget(), I used mget((x%1024)/8,(y+flr(x/1024)*128)/8)

P#109462 2022-03-31 13:15 ( Edited 2022-03-31 13:19)

This is looking good. I like the update

P#109606 2022-04-02 22:53


I'm glad you like it.

Yeah, working hard with plane mode.
XD, I can't really find a color that's used in Original Game.

P#109623 2022-04-03 12:19 ( Edited 2022-04-03 12:19)

Alright, this is an EPIC running platformer now ! Gold star work, @lily.kensa.

P#109625 2022-04-03 14:29


Thank you.

P#109653 2022-04-04 01:33

Okay, thanks to @cubee, @TheRoboZ and @dw817, I now have a fantastic way to rotate sprites. This is a major advance in Plane Mode.

What's more, 'Edit Skin' button appeared! Now choose your favorite skin, outside & inside colors.

P#110984 2022-04-28 04:57 ( Edited 2022-04-30 08:13)

sakupen circles when?

P#111104 2022-04-30 15:34


Sorry, that level is too hard to remake. Maybe it will appear a long, long time later. Currently I plan to make it in the order of GD Original Levels.

P#111124 2022-05-01 04:06 ( Edited 2022-05-01 04:07)

very well made. Maybe the ship should have a little more gravity, and the background is usually made with perfect squares and no rectangles but other than that, I love it.

P#128691 2023-04-18 01:09

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