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Cart #orul-0 | 2019-05-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Made for local game jam under 48h hours. Platformer about bending space and connecting it in your mind. Have fun.

P#64286 2019-05-10 09:11


This is really good! thanks for sharing.

P#64307 2019-05-10 21:27
:: Jusiv

Nicely done!
The music is good, the mechanics and levels don't overstay their welcome, and the palette customization is a nice touch.

A reset level command might be nice though, as sometimes the collision can be a little janky and at one point I had a character get stuck in a block as it appeared (they had jumped up into it, but jumping fortunately also got them out of it).

P#64308 2019-05-10 22:27
:: log0

Super Nice. Great Job

P#64552 2019-05-18 14:33

I just played your game and I really enjoyed it so much that I just wanted to extend my gratitude. Good job!

P#65865 2019-07-15 10:24

I would just like to say

Robin DaBanc would love to have a bean taco

P#73862 2020-03-13 00:09

is it orlu or ourl?

P#73863 2020-03-13 00:16 ( Edited 2020-03-13 07:51)
:: dw817

Simply marvelous ! Gold star for you.

P#73864 2020-03-13 02:00
:: NeithR

Nice game mechanics that you need cooperation with your other side.
Also the ending, somehow it feels sad.

14 Fails and 289 Seconds

P#74034 2020-03-18 11:56

Now that I think about it, the name is in one way quite unfortunate.. . . . .

P#87755 2021-02-16 14:49

Super nice lil game. Love it❤

P#88406 2021-03-02 11:41

it took me 3 levels to realize that the grass decorations weren't spikes lol

P#88895 2021-03-12 21:19 ( Edited 2021-03-12 21:19)

So funny to see a spike of popularity after years :P

P#89406 2021-03-23 20:36

ow my head
nice game

P#107477 2022-02-22 14:52

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