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Cart [#46990#] | Copy | Code | 2017-12-03 | Link

Here's my entry for ludum dare 40.
Every 4 hours youe phone will ring and you can command and sell crates of goods.
Everyday the taxcollector will send you an email claming money before midnight.
Try to reach day 7 if you can :)

LD page : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/warehouse-panic

--- CONTROL ---

<cursor> move
<z> grab/drop one crate
<x> grab/drop all crates you can

You have a strength limit that affect the number of crates you can lift or the maximum size of columns
Increase your strength by purchasing offers on email
You also have a stamina bar :

  • you won't be able to use 'grab all' command while you re under 50%
  • you re slowed by 50% when you're stamina is under 25%
    Go to bed to gain some stamina back

They will eat salads and fruits
You can get rid of them with a cat or by chasing them around until they leave on a truck.

you will loose the game if :

  • you make a truck driver wait for too long
  • you don't pay your tax before midnight
P#46987 2017-12-03 21:52 ( Edited 2017-12-10 07:57)


Awesome! I really love it.

I got some little bugs like a crate that was drawn but wasn't really there but it mostly worked really well.

Some usability enhancements like what a truck requires to be shown on its side would also be cool.

P#47141 2017-12-05 22:23


the requirement for loading are on the wall panel ( upper left side of the warehouse ). Most players didn't see them, I had plan to make this more visible but tokens and time limit keep me from adding it :)

P#47151 2017-12-06 04:50


Super cool game! I love how it looks and how stressful it gets with rats and the delivery guy needing space to place things!

P#47175 2017-12-07 04:55


Nice work! I also had the drawn non-existent crate bug. It was in the top-left corner of the A zone. Other crates could be put in its location but the sprite kept being drawn on top.

P#47186 2017-12-07 16:30


Great game, but I got some chests bugged on the Terminal at the right :X

P#47244 2017-12-10 07:57

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