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Cart #stardevourer-1 | 2024-06-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Left and Right Arrow keys to rotate the ship and navigate through menus

X to open menus

C to absorb stars

Mouse and Left Click to select things in menus

Arrow key Up to accelerate

Enter to open the PICO-8 pause menu


In Star Devourer you are the captain of The Aurora, one of the last ships supporting the remnants of humanity. However, as the universe is slowly dying, fewer and fewer stars remain, making energy more and more difficult to come by. Your task as captain is to Locate remaining stars, Approach them and Absorb them, to support the energy needs of The Aurora. Energy is sparse so being mindful of your energy usage is of utmost importance! With whatever energy margins you have, you can upgrade The Aurora, making future energy gathering easier!

Info and Credits:

This game was made in about 1 week for the JumJam#2 game jam and is my second finished game I have released. I have never been so stressed making a game before haha. The code is really sloppy and several things had to be rushed and/or scrapped. However, I managed to create a final game that, although a bit basic, I am very proud of! I poured my everything into finishing this and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it!

Everything is written, coded, drawn and developed by me!

Except for!

Easing functions by ValerADHD

Split2D by Lazy Devs

Simple interpret by Howf

Sprite rotation function by greygraphics (optimised by freds72)

One-off GFX by Heracleum

An extra large thank you to YOU for playing!



  • Fixed bug where multiple warnings could overlap.

  • Fixed minor typos.

  • Fixed bug where the green navigation lines would jitter as you moved. They're now smooth and easier on the eyes.

  • Adjusted function for star size so there are fewer >5 sized stars and more moderately sized ones (old: Size=rnd"27"^2/11 | new: Size=(rnd"27"-7.5)^3/125+5.5)

  • Fixed bug where the fuel gauge was 1 pixel incorrect.

  • Fixed bug where manual didn't close upon death.

  • Fixed bug where floating point errors caused the Energy stats to be displayed with long decimals.

  • Many many behind the scenes code changes and optimizations.

  • Added Self-Destruct option in PICO-8 menu in case of soft-locks.

  • Added line in tutorial about where to convert energy to fuel.

  • Slightly adjusted the visuals of the fuel gauge
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