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Cart #polarpanic-0 | 2019-11-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Here's my entry for the Pico-8 advent calendar 2019:


  • Stay alive in the arctic while climate change destroys your habitat!
  • Eat fish to keep your hunger down or you will starve!
  • Stay away from trash and don't fall into the water.


⬆️ ⬇️ ⬅️ ➡️ - jump between floes

That's all there is to it really!
Every now and then disaster strikes which will make it harder to stay alive.
Do your best and good luck!


Design/Art/Code: Johan Peitz (@johanpeitz)
Music/Sound: Chris Donnelly (@gruber_music)

P#70606 2019-12-05 17:36 ( Edited 2019-12-12 18:53)


so stressful. so cute. so stressful. so cute. arrrghhhhh!

P#70623 2019-12-05 21:55

I love this game. It's so polished and stressful to play in a fantastic way. 😆

P#70624 2019-12-05 22:38

Wow ! Nice, this is fun and gameplay is good :)

P#70637 2019-12-06 10:25

So far my high score is 41 seconds. If I can only make it to a minute...

P#70713 2019-12-08 23:57
:: dw817

Ah ! I survived 52-seconds.

What's the secret to a high-score ? Don't worry so much about the fish as your footing. Always see a clear path to where you are standing and will stand seconds from now.

Sacrifice eating an oil popsicile if it will save your footing.

Nice game ! Definitely requires the brain. Star for you, @johanp.

P#70714 2019-12-09 00:01 ( Edited 2019-12-09 00:02)
:: johanp

Thanks everyone, glad to hear you like it.

I just made it to 86s. Never seen anything past 100, can it be done? There is probably a series of events that are more favourable than others.

P#70939 2019-12-12 19:00
:: Rimuru

Hey @johanp. I went onto ArcadePreHAcks and I saw that your game has been uploaded with out your permission. Much love, Rimuru.

P#71110 2019-12-17 20:13
:: NeithR

Nice job.
Survived in 96 seconds.
That plastic was so sad especially for food substitution when no fish to eat.

P#73907 2020-03-14 06:32

Over 100 is possible. Most deaths are preventable, even that far into the game.

P#74203 2020-03-26 01:09

Amazing game!!! Ran into a lil crash this evenin on 0.2.0c, see ss

P#74954 2020-04-19 02:22

Your feedback helps me a lot, A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well temple run

P#75035 2020-04-20 09:58 ( Edited 2020-04-20 09:58)

Super cool games for everyone. I like to play the game every time.

P#75998 2020-05-06 23:47 ( Edited 2020-05-06 23:48)

You see this is bc there was nowhere to escape so i had no choice but to die

P#76046 2020-05-07 13:57

I love it!

P#76050 2020-05-07 14:01

i learned a valuable lesson. death is inevitable, so you either die asap or live a bit longer to ask your crush out on a date. memento mori

P#84389 2020-11-17 14:46
P#84996 2020-12-03 16:03

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