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Cart #tinygolfpuzzles-1 | 2020-07-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Jack Nicklaus, step aside! Tom Brinton invites you join him in the putting greens of the mind.


  • Arrow keys - Move ball(s)
  • [X] - Reset level
  • [Enter] - Menu


  • Get the ball(s) into all the holes in the level
  • Not all balls have to make it into a hole
  • Water and sand traps can be your enemies, or your best friends
  • Rocks can't go into holes, but they can certainly assist you


  • 32 peaceful-yet-puzzling holes
  • Thoughtful SFX and music that can be toggled on and off
  • Golf like you've never experienced it before!
P#79680 2020-07-20 16:00 ( Edited 2020-07-20 21:32)

This is excellent!

P#79694 2020-07-20 21:50

Delightful! Is it intentional that some holes can be completed under par? No objection just confirming in case you intended par to be a "perfect score" motivator.

P#79708 2020-07-21 07:24

If you've got any tokens left, some suggestions:

  • offer a 'replay the level' option when you complete a level.
  • in the level selector on the title menu, distinguish between levels that you've completed on or below par, above par, and haven't completed. E.g. similar to how the info is displayed in the game over stats screen.
P#79711 2020-07-21 10:53

I love this. Very addicting and good looking game

P#79729 2020-07-21 19:55

Awesome puzzle game!
Up there with Tower of Archeos as one of the best puzzlers I've played on PICO-8. Quite the impressive little mechanic, did you base this on another game?

P#81093 2020-08-23 21:12

this is on cool math games

P#82625 2020-10-06 02:00

I love it. Great puzzles and I like the music a lot.

P#99167 2021-10-26 17:03

Hole 15 says 11 strokes, but it's possible to do it in only 6. Is that intentional?

P#99170 2021-10-26 17:50

@kimiyoribaka yes, just like in regular golf it is possible to go under par on some holes. thanks for playing!

P#99171 2021-10-26 17:52

ooh I crashed it! I started it up in the browser (here on the BBS) and the menu was set to hole 33, apparently cookie-stored from my previous playthrough. (Opening in an Incognito window shows hole 1.) Tried to Play and got this:

lmk if there's something else I can do to help repro.

P#99198 2021-10-27 01:37

ok I think it's repro'able if you play all holes in the browser, then restart. It starts at "hole 33," and if you try to play it it crashes because there is no hole 33.

In this state I was able to select hole 32, play it to end the game, then restart the cart at "hole 33."

P#99199 2021-10-27 01:41

Quite fun

P#99201 2021-10-27 03:29

302/233. I really enjoyed this, wasn't ever far too hard so I felt like I could happily keep playing, nice tune too.

P#99210 2021-10-27 08:11

This is crazy fun.

P#99211 2021-10-27 09:30


P#99219 2021-10-27 15:36

Lmao, I got 226/233. Level 14 -> 6/11

P#99380 2021-10-30 15:56 ( Edited 2021-10-30 15:56)

Got 219/233. Great game, I appreciate the simplicity :)

P#99442 2021-10-31 22:42

Some of these were pretty hard to figure out but it was fun enough to keep me playing. Well done.

P#99464 2021-11-01 15:14

There's no such thing as Hole 33.

P#99658 2021-11-06 00:14 ( Edited 2021-11-06 00:15)

jarsh finx wins golf

P#100045 2021-11-13 18:03

Excellent game, I really enjoyed this. It's very fun and well done!

P#104385 2022-01-06 03:45


P#105022 2022-01-13 18:34

just got 221/223

P#121531 2022-11-28 16:56 ( Edited 2022-11-28 16:57)

great game! really fun to play!

P#121641 2022-11-30 22:02

I can't for the life of my figure out level 14, any hints?

P#123500 2023-01-02 09:03


hints: you only need 3 of the balls. once you have 2 balls left, you need to find a way to make them vertically stacked instead of horizontally.

OR check out this video for the answer: https://youtu.be/gMwDKgMFiNM?t=106

P#123651 2023-01-04 16:09

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