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Cart #moonrace-0 | 2020-12-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


  • Choose a ship.
  • Play all 3 races of the moon tournament.
  • After each race, you earn points for your finishing position and number of ships you destroyed.
  • Accumulate the most points at the end of the tournament to win!


In Moonrace you have no control over direction. Focus on the velocity control and manage your weapons the best you can to win the race.

  • Player 1: X or V to Fire; Z or C to Thrust
  • Player 2: Q or A to Fire; SHIFT or TAB to Thrust

You can play with up to 8 players. The game supports controllers.
You can have 2 players on the same controller with the "double control" option in the pause menu (Left/Right on the controler become Fire/Thrust). Use the Fire button to cycle between ships on the selection screen.


  • ACCEL : How fast the ship reaches maximum speed
  • STEER : How fast the ship turns
  • BRAKE : When thrust is not used, time spent to stop moving
  • CROSS : Ability to drive outside the range of the gravity track
  • FIGHT : Cooldown between weapons
  • ARMOR : Durability of your ship


  • MISSILE : shoot a single missile (5 damage in a zone)
  • HOMING FLARE : Look for the race race leader and deal 3 dmg on impact
  • MACHINEGUN : Fire 25 bullets dealing 1 damage each
  • MINE : drop 3x mine ( 3 damage in a small zone )
  • SHOCKWAVE : short-circuits ships and mines. Also reboot your system if you've been targeted by shockwave.
  • NITRO BOOST : Huge acceleration for .5 second. Use with caution
  • SHIELD : Protect you from any harms. Also damage your opponents

CODE : BoneVolt / Benjamin Soulé
GFX : BoneVolt
MUSIC : Jamaass

P#85776 2020-12-25 19:15 ( Edited 2020-12-25 19:16)

:: Numzyx

woah, fabulous spritework and music
this game is really polished and well put together, i love it

P#85798 2020-12-26 13:05

Oh, this is a fantastic achievement. I've enjoyed seeing the GIFs of it on Twitter but missed that it actually released!

This is one of those Pico-8 games where the devs really went the extra mile when it came to polish and presentation. Even just the title screen is lovely. The split-screen multiplayer is quite impressive, even aesthetically.

Well, this is going right to my favorites, where I keep all the Pico-8 games that meet such a high standard of quality. I imagine the Christmas release date has everyone busy, so this hasn't yet gotten as much attention as it deserves, but hopefully that'll change!

P#85812 2020-12-27 06:52 ( Edited 2020-12-27 06:54)

I love Rodyle! He's pretty fun to play as, and I love the weapons he has.

P#86182 2021-01-05 20:30 ( Edited 2021-01-06 19:15)

I'm not very good but I'm getting Kirby Airride vibes from this which is awesome!

P#86189 2021-01-06 01:31

this game is sucking away my sanity...

all gold checklist -
fireant ✔
rodyle ✔
g. sigan ✔
dark matt ✔
tb-system ✔

P#88540 2021-03-04 18:24 ( Edited 2021-03-05 22:22)

Impressive! Your pretty good. Do you have any cool events while playing this game to share? I like to hold accelerate to after passing the finish line so I can get a good rocket shot.

P#88565 2021-03-05 05:02

all gold on g. sigan and 5/8 characters! unfortunately the ones left are caramelo, lemo-8, and dolphish and they're all really really hard to get all gold on

P#88599 2021-03-05 22:22

its the oppiste for me, I am pretty good withh dolphish. I am only good with her as a racer.

P#88610 2021-03-06 08:44

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