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Hi everyone,

New to all this Pico-8 party, a little late, a little lost. I will be out in the woods (metaphorically) for a while, with no internet access or very occasional one. I would like to experiment with Pico-8 in the meantime. How do I secure resources for offline development?

Webpage tutorials - I can save them to PDF, take them with me. Plus Picozines #1-#4 and I should be good.

Cartridges - if I understand correctly, I should just save PNG files, right? And I can peek at the code inside?

Any other resources - for pixel art tracing and writing code in slightly less pixelly font. Any recommendations?

Also, while I am at it: the structure of this forum (BBS?) is a little confusing to me. If I am asking in the wrong section, please move it to correct one.

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:: dw817

You will need to purchase Pico-8 if you have not already.

It comes equipped with a thorough introduction and start into Pico-8 itself.

You can also find a comprehensive fanbase of information HERE:


And an instructional guide HERE:


The manual can be found HERE:


To purchase Picoo-8, go HERE:



Hope to see more of you in the community, Barts !


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Cartridges: Yes, you can save the PNG files and open them in PICO-8 to look at the code. If you want to edit them in other editors, save them as .p8 files from PICO-8 and you can do whatever you want with them.

Other resources: I use Aseprite for pixel art and animation, and Atom for writing code. Here are some tips for PICO-8 in Atom. There are plugins (for syntax highlighting and other stuff) for most major editors/IDEs.

Check out the Awesome PICO-8 list for more resources and tutorials.

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:: Barts

@dw817 - thanks. I might have not mentioned, but I did in fact buy Pico-8 (with a bundle, long time ago).

@tobiasvl - thanks!That's actually very useful. Will definitely check.

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A copy of the manual is included next to the PICO-8 executable, that's all you really need to get started. I would recommend getting a text editor if you find the built-in one annoying.

The cheat sheet site that dw817 posted is really handy too.

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