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my first try ever at PICO-8 coding \:D/

Cart #25366 | 2016-07-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

sorry for the very bad "music", I did everything in one weekend and the tracker is a bit buggy and hard to use with a french keyboard layout :3

the updated version feature a background starfield, a better logo and the animation use the new _update60 function :)

P#13784 2015-09-07 12:41 ( Edited 2015-09-07 16:41)

Ha, very nice!

P#13793 2015-09-07 16:45 ( Edited 2015-09-07 20:45)

That little bit of music seems pretty good to me tbh.

P#13795 2015-09-07 17:04 ( Edited 2015-09-07 21:04)

/me rides the beautiful demo waves.

P#13796 2015-09-07 17:30 ( Edited 2015-09-07 21:30)

the x/y coordinates made me try the keyboard controls ;)

very cool

P#13799 2015-09-07 18:29 ( Edited 2015-09-07 22:29)

thank you! :3

@matt: you can also hide/show the menu with the buttons :)

btw I used the both buttons, one to show and one to hide because using the same button to switch state seems not possible because the "event" repetition is too fast (or perhaps I missed something in the doc...).

ho also! the "save video" option doesn't work under linux, it's possible to ask someone to save a video for me? :3

P#13802 2015-09-07 20:03 ( Edited 2015-09-08 00:03)

Razor1911? The last thing we need is Pico-8 available on torrents!

P#13803 2015-09-07 21:34 ( Edited 2015-09-08 01:34)

Anyway, cool thing you made. The music isn't bad, but it's kinda short and therefore get repetitive fast. Want actual bad pico music? Go play my WIP game, Heavy Duty Sprinkler or watch Transdimensional Butterfly.

P#13804 2015-09-07 21:37 ( Edited 2015-09-08 01:37)

@darkhog: thank you! btw, I'm from the demoscene part of the crew, Pico-8 will not be cracked ;)

also, you have to know that cracking crew just crack games and do not distribute them on torrent. the people who share cracked game are the same assholes who wants to make money with it. the crackers only plays the game of cracking :)

P#13815 2015-09-08 05:30 ( Edited 2015-09-08 09:30)

Are you sure? Because my friend played Crysis apparently cracked with Razor (with keygen at all). :) Anyway, just checked and sadly someone uploaded Pico-8 to the TPB (probably some nobody who doesn't know first thing about cracking since Pico is drm-free).

P#13821 2015-09-08 07:02 ( Edited 2015-09-08 11:02)

@rez: check out the command btnp

P#13824 2015-09-08 07:30 ( Edited 2015-09-08 11:30)

rez \o/

P#13861 2015-09-08 13:42 ( Edited 2015-09-08 17:42)

Rez \o/

(Yes I know I'm here twice, I sort of managed to mess up my login/access, but it was worth buying another copy of pico-8 anyway (: )

P#20079 2016-04-30 08:24 ( Edited 2016-04-30 12:24)

@rez: you usually want to use btnp for 'trigger' and btn for 'hold'. The former automatically does repeats on a sane schedule (every four frames after fifteen frames), while the latter just tells you the direct state.

P#20086 2016-04-30 20:18 ( Edited 2016-05-01 00:18)

Very nice scroll !

EDIT : this music is far from being crap, just missing a following :p I didn't play with the keys at first time >< you rock ;)

P#20567 2016-05-14 06:11 ( Edited 2016-05-20 12:24)

I really love this. It's clever and well done.

P#46900 2017-12-01 01:01 ( Edited 2017-12-01 06:01)

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P#47889 2018-01-05 14:10 ( Edited 2018-01-05 19:10)

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