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Cart #35921 | 2017-01-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Here's my submission for #tinyTVjam


  • Move the white cube and stick gems from the borders.
  • you can turn with [z] and [x]
  • Mix the acid with a gem cluster to remove all gem with the same color.
  • Each time you steal a gem from the border, your energy bar is filling up. When it's full you will refill the border with brand new gems as soon as you leave the border zone.

// TODO //
There's no gameover yet, but you can get stuck pretty easily
I just need to find a way to detect stuck situation and end the game

P#35688 2017-01-14 16:59 ( Edited 2017-01-26 16:27)

Neat game! Really dig the mechanic and played it for quite a bit. :)

P#35694 2017-01-14 18:14 ( Edited 2017-01-14 23:14)

It took a little while to figure out what was going on, but I think with a game over state and some score tracking it'll be much easier to get the hang of it.

The red light made it look like you took damage when trying to rotate into the wall. Maybe add a "click" noise and shake the screen instead?

The acid effect is cool! It's a good theme to convey the mechanic with :)

P#35696 2017-01-14 18:27 ( Edited 2017-01-14 23:27)

This is looking amazing already!!

I do have to say though... dynamic text is not allowed outside the tv screen. Text should only be added once, at the start of the cart in the _set_text() and then left alone. (besides, you changed code that should not have been changed, even if it was just a "--"). Sorry :X

Still looking great, I hope you find a nice way to comply to the rules!

P#35697 2017-01-14 18:49 ( Edited 2017-01-14 23:49)

oh ok. I saw the tv_add_text in the instruction but was not able to use it. I searched for it and was thinking the comment was a mistake. I get it now.

P#35700 2017-01-14 19:26 ( Edited 2017-01-15 00:26)

Such a clever and unique little game.

P#35747 2017-01-15 05:25 ( Edited 2017-01-15 10:25)

Well, the game is not really unique... I made it 10 years ago :) Here's a video

Acid cube is a remake of this game. With less pixel and more acid.

P#35751 2017-01-15 06:27 ( Edited 2017-01-15 11:28)

Haha fair enough I stand corrected!

But it's still original in the sense that you didn't copy someone else's game

P#35952 2017-01-17 18:13 ( Edited 2017-01-17 23:13)

Wow, I really like this game. It fits perfectly in the 10x11 screen space.

P#35973 2017-01-17 23:05 ( Edited 2017-01-18 04:05)

A really hacked together way to check for the "stuck" state is to check for progression. I.E. if the player makes a move that results in a gem being stuck, acid clearing, or the room refilling or anything that changes game state then progression +=1. anytime the player makes a move and it doesn't add to progression, then stuck+=1. if stuck >= limit then game_over. (limit equaling 25 or something) basically if the player makes 25 moves that don't change the game state at all, he gets a game over. Best way I could think to do it without some complex algorithm

P#35974 2017-01-17 23:45 ( Edited 2017-01-18 04:45)

Well done! I got to level 5 and ran out of acid :< it works super well with the tiny-tv format

P#35986 2017-01-18 04:17 ( Edited 2017-01-18 09:17)

Really great game, nice to remake such an old game from you,cool tetris-idea! Came to lv 8, then I got stuck!

P#36343 2017-01-22 15:03 ( Edited 2017-01-22 20:03)

Neat game! I included it in my compilation video series of the Tiny TV Jam games, if you’d like to take a look :)

P#36706 2017-01-26 11:27 ( Edited 2017-01-26 16:27)

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