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Cart #9970 | 2015-04-19 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

PICO-8! This is quick test of the cart format and html5 web player.

Voxatron users: check your account page :) PICO-8 is another fantasy console being co-developed with Voxatron as an included target platform. If you try it out, you might notice that the two already share the same audio tools. I'll be folding the new music editor into Voxatron for 0.3.3 which will be available soon.

Check back to www.pico-8.com tomorrow for more info.

P#9971 2015-04-18 20:51 ( Edited 2015-05-20 01:42)

no way! I'm late for the realease of pico-8?
gotta go design!

P#9994 2015-04-19 10:31 ( Edited 2015-04-19 14:31)

I'm late too!

P#9995 2015-04-19 10:58 ( Edited 2015-04-19 14:58)

zep, I can't type the character "/" because in my computer / is alt gr + Q

P#10015 2015-04-19 14:12 ( Edited 2015-04-19 18:12)

This is super rad. I love that it even has a little theme with it. :3

P#10204 2015-04-25 04:56 ( Edited 2015-04-25 08:56)

So it begins!
Pico-8 world take over!
(I was waiting for it and missed its release by a month heh, congrats on Alpha release, I'm going crazy playing around with it)

P#10796 2015-05-19 21:42 ( Edited 2015-05-20 01:42)

How is this not the most liked cart in pico history??? Clasic!

P#68129 2019-09-25 14:48

nice nercopost @egordorichev -_-

P#68156 2019-09-26 18:17

Just re-found this classic, thanks Zep for getting me into programming!

P#80192 2020-08-01 00:39

Giving credit where credit is due, @zep. It all started here in your first program - and if we can dream, let the heavens be our coding goal. :)

P#101063 2021-11-30 03:59


P#104243 2022-01-04 02:47

I pay homage the first pico8 cartridge in preparation for the dawn of picotron and its eventual first cart.

P#122257 2022-12-11 22:26

first cart

P#135709 2023-10-10 16:27

last :)

P#140941 2024-01-31 17:57

so this is the first pico-8 cartridge
i'm comfy it's my birthday
i'm listening to my favorite songs
time to experience history ;)

P#146522 2024-04-13 07:54 ( Edited 2024-04-13 07:55)

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