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Cart #grasslandsurvivordimillian-21 | 2023-11-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hello, this is my first Pico-8 game, and this is still an early version, but everything is fully functional.
It's a Vampire Survivor clone.

You can level up, collect XP, increase your character stats, and more.
There is a pause menu with your stats, a nice level-up screen, and high-score tracking.

I want to add a ton of more stuff, like new maps and weapons, etc... but I could not wait to show it off and have it on Splore!

My goal is to create a game as much as it is to write clean code and understand pico-8 / gamedev principle. So it's also very readable and OOP-oriented if you're interested in looking at it.

v 0.3.5 update:

  • Add boss every 30 kills spawn chest, which auto level you up.

v 0.4 update:

  • Add new enemies sprites.
  • Add a new sword weapon as a random upgrade.
  • Add a proper splash screen.
  • Add xp numbers when picked up.

v 0.5 update:

  • Add new xp magnet, 1/100 chance to drop on kill.
  • Add hit effect
  • Add blood splatters on kill
  • Add walls + collision at borders
  • Various fixes.

v 0.6 update:

  • Better collision effect
  • New SFX
  • New weapon: storm
  • New map sprites
  • Better player sprites
  • Various other fixes

v 0.6.5 update:

  • Monsters now have a static speed, but there are more of them.
  • The storm has a damage radius that you can improve.

v 0.7 update:

  • The swords are now spinning correctly around the player, covering the whole radius.
  • Fix the negative XP at a higher level.
  • Monsters are now getting a bit faster at every of your level.
  • The player grace period when hit has been reduced.
  • You can now see stats for the swords and storm from the pause menu.

V 0.7.1 update:

  • Fix projectiles and storm delay upgrade not displaying properly in the pause menu and not working correctly.
  • Better enemies sprites. Try orange as a dominant color.
  • Add a timer.
  • Add a dmg powerup for the storm

V 0.8 update:

  • New weapon: The whip, let me know what you think. It still needs tuning. You can go crazy by improving its radius.
  • New xp curve: Will go fast at first and be a bit slower as you progress. Also, no more negative xp.
  • XP magnet is now one chance per 200 kills (from 100)
  • Various other fixes.

V 0.8.1 update:

  • Slower XP curve
  • Lower player hit grace period
  • Fix whip weapon negative delay
  • Fix game reset missing a few values

V 0.8.5 update:

  • New end boss that spawns at 10 minutes. Good luck with this one.
  • Slower XP curve
  • Cap at 90 on-screen monsters, so the game will slow down less at high levels.
  • New animations for pause and level-up menu.
  • Track death and win count.

V 0.8.6 update:

  • Small fix to sword hit + buff to endgame boss.
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