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Cart #amiquest-4 | 2023-04-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

AmiQuest: The Game is a BBS compatible multicart PICO-8 fangame (no reload() usage) made for the VTuber Amiya Aranha! Play as Amiya as she explores a variety of platforming levels to find the buckos.

While the game is intended as a fangame, it is perfectly playable even if you don't understand the references. This game was developed over the course of roughly 6 weeks. For convenience, the complete source code is avaliable on the itch.io page.

O: Jump/Menu Select/Level Select
X: Web/Menu Back
PAUSE: Pause Menu (press again to access default PICO-8 pause menu)

Music Credits:
Main Theme: DOVA-SYNDROME - 素直じゃないね恋心
Level Theme: Amiya Aranha - AMIQUEST
Credits Theme: DOVA-SYNDROME - 人狼の為の子守唄


-Fixed an issue where the sticky web upgrade didn't contribute to game completion percentage.
-Fixed an oversight where the enemy death sound effect didn't play when hit by the wall of fire in Level 3-3.
-Fixed an oversight where collecting a money powerup allowed you to temporarily go over the 999 coin cap.
-Fixed a bug that caused buckos in Ami's House to show up for the wrong levels.
-Added a sign to the end of Level 1-4 that explains how to exit a level with the pause menu.
-Added a coin trail to a cloud on the left side of Level 1-4, removed a snake enemy that was easy to accidentally jump into.
-Stopped the sprite sheet glitch in Glitchland from flashing to prevent issues with photo-sensitivity.
-Added version number to main menu.

V1.1: Added tutorial text clarifying how to wall jump in the first sign in Level 1-1.

P#127944 2023-04-01 01:00 ( Edited 2023-04-06 23:05)

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Cart #bananacupnanasadventure-0 | 2023-02-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Nana's Adventure is a single-cart PICO-8 game I made over the course of a month or so, it's a simple action-rpg type game with a variety of enemies and items. It was my first time making music in any context, so I hope it's not too bad lol. There is a trailer for the game on YouTube.

If you're downloading the P8.PNG file and you're interested in the code, I highly recommend downloading the spreadsheet "stuff.xlsx" found on the itch.io page as the code is much harder to understand without it due to having to strip comments.

Originally I had intended for a few more features such as rare enemies with unique drops and such, but I was unable to fit it in due to the PICO-8's constraints. I pushed the limits as far as I could, anyway.

I hope you enjoy this little project I made! I had a lot of fun making it. Thanks to the PICO-8 devs and community for your extensive API documentation, tutorials, and example code.

Version 1.1 -
-Fixed a minor bug that caused music to stop playing when attempting to enter the castle without the key, instead of stopping music from playing when beating the game (the music(-1) call was set to the wrong gamestate)

P#125704 2023-02-11 03:03 ( Edited 2023-02-15 23:06)

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