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Aspiring game developer. I really like character action games. Pico-8 is my dream console - a system (and community!) that encourages fun games that you can customize and tweak.

Thank You Mr. White & Company,
About me:
I do a little of everything. Music, Grfx, Programming, etc.
my website: http://www.mizlabeled.com
There is still much to learn and do and I simply cannot wait.

All I ever wanted to do was make video games and cartoons since I was around 12y/o... It has taken me forever to get here, but the journey is not over. For I have only begun to fully understand how to accomplish the task my childhood dreamed of, but with Pico by my side, I think I can finally realize it. The road has been long already. What's a few more leagues? I won't be satisfied until it has been rendered unto this existence. There is much leveling to do, but my skill points are stacking up...

I have been alone for so long... As long as I can remember now. It is not bad being alone, but I wouldn't mind some company. If nothing else then to chat, but even better if they wanted to support or collaborate... Care to join my party?


Just another mad coder.

We're all mad. I'm mad. You're mad, you must be - or you wouldn't have come here.

Find my books and biographical works HERE:

There's nobody else like me. I checked.

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