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The PICO-8 manual as it stands today is flawed. What I mean by that is not only is it organized in such a way that makes it harder to gleam certain information out of it, but it also has flaws and inconsistencies with what the PICO-8 actually is. It also omits important information, such as cycle count and the extra 16 colors. eevee has already taken note of some of these flaws, but I still believe there may be more out there. There's the PICO-8 wiki, but that's not fully documented either. What we need is a new way of organizing known information about the PICO-8 into a manner which makes sense and is simple to use.

I propose the creation of a PICO-8 technical manual, a manual that fully documents everything the community knows about the PICO-8, both it's version of lua and it's editors, as well as the programs on it. It will be a collaborative project. Alternatively, we could fix the current PICO-8 wiki in such a way that it accounts for these flaws, is more detailed and easier to use. Both of these options I think could really help people like me who wish to delve deeper into how it works exactly.

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I made this a long time ago, and I thought I'd finally share it. It is the song Koi Boy by Jack Stauber, from the album Pop Food. (there was also a music video that came before the album)

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