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PHP Web Developer.

I started in my teens with a ZX Spectrum, and then moved through the C64, Electron, and finally the Amiga.

My best friend and I always threatened to make a game (him programming, me creating sprites), but it never happened. Great and exciting times though.

Now in middle age I thought I'd give it a try again, and the PICO-8 seemed like a great starting point, with Unity etc appearing way too daunting. My first time with LUA.

Really enjoying just experimenting with things, and interacting with the fantastic and supportive community.

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Ima just going to put this here.

I worked on this for a little while but recently have got distracted by other things.

It is almost finished, but I was never happy with the alien patterns and I kind of got bored trying different things and tweaking configuration variables like drop rates etc. As it stands it the same thing each time, but the limited types of enemies just get harder.

It did let me try out my particle system and gave me some experience setting up a stage system (intro, game, game over). I also think I'm now settled on how I create and use inheritable classes in LUA.

Oh, and I've no idea why it's called "pigdog". I just thought of the name, and it stuck.

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This was just a small idea I had that I wanted to see in the wild. I currently have no intention of developing it into a game.

However my tweet seems to have got a bit of attention so I thought I may as well post it here in case anyone wanted anything from it.

Up or Z to thrust, left and right to rotate.

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Testing my particle system with @justin_cyr's food and drink sprites.

The code uses sget() to analyse the colour spread in the sprite, and then uses the correct proportion of coloured pixels in the explosion.

I've always loved the look of particle explosions, especially the bouncy colourful sort, so this was a must as my second project.

EDIT: As of 0.3 the buttons are now:

Button 1 [Z]: Explode the fruit
Button 2 [X]: Switch the new "heat" affector* on/off
Left/Right: Decrease/increase gravity
Down/Up: Decrease/increase bounce rate

* Particles glow white hot for a while, then fade to original colour and finally darken

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This is my first PICO-8 project.

I just wanted to get familiar with LUA, and to create a platformer framework that just felt good to run, jump and fall about.

I'm quite happy with the core code, but I feel like things maybe got a little scrappy around the collision detection and movement functions. I can't really be bother to refactor right now, but I feel like it may be possible to clean it up a little at some point. It gives me something to improve on in any case.

All feedback welcome. :)

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