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Pixel artist and illustrator. Currently working on a retro platformer called #Unburied (http://unburiedgame.tumblr.com). First project on Pico-8 is GET OUT of this dungeon https://twitter.com/LupusInsanus/status/957648452816719873. Freaking slow. Love making low-res sprite and font.
Check my FontStruct account : https://fontstruct.com/fontstructors/1367865/jaycobs

Cart [#54383#] | Code | 2018-07-24 | No License | Embed
Cart [#getoutxmas-0#] | Code | 2018-12-24 | No License | Embed

The door is locked. You'll have to explore a dangerous dungeon full of traps and monster and find 6 lost gems to open the door and GET OUT!

Move : Arrow keys
O (Jump) : Z / C / N
X (Punch) : X / V / M
Dash : Right or Left + X

I recently discovered PICO-8 and felt in love with the concept. Shortly after I made a mockup of a potential game and found an amazingly active community who motivated me to make an actual game. Here is it, hope you'll enjoy it as I do.

Design + Code : @LupusInsanus
Music + SFX : @bogdanraczynski / Profil3

[UPDATE 1.1]

  • As asked by many, added a remaining lives counter
  • Deleted a forgotten debug line
P#54347 2018-07-22 09:40 ( Edited 2019-02-28 13:03)

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