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I get screen tearing in any scrolling Pico 8 game that I tried, even when navigating the splore menu. A retro console shouldn't have screen tearing.

Is there any way to enable VSYNC and get rid of screen tearing in Pico 8?

If this is not possible currently, can Vsync be added in the future?

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Would it be possible to port Pico 8 to iOS, PS4, Vita, and/or Switch? I tried using the browser version on iOS but touch controls are unusable. When pressing the dpad a few times, the background webpage is scrolled or selected (marked in blue), the display is not fullscreen, and I have no sound.

Is there any consensus on Pico 8 controls? It seems some games require keyboard presses that are not available on a game controller. Is this supposed to be a virtual computer or game console? If it was a console it should not require keyboard input.

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I know that there's a LUA engine for PSP. Is it possible to port Pico-8 to the PSP? This would be awesome! I think the main question is if the PSP is fast enough to run Pico-8.

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How can I verify that Pico-8 is running at full speed? I installed it on my netbook and I think I witnessed some slow-down. How do I tell if it is running at the intended speed?

Most emulators have an fps or percentage fps display. If it displays 100%, you know you are experiencing the speed of the original console.

That brings me to another point: Obviously some games are more CPU intensive than others. Does the Pico-8 specs specify a CPU clock or max CPU speed? I am asking because it would be nice to verify that my netbook's Atom chip is fast enough to run ANY possible future Pico-8 game, or to verify what machine I should purchase to ensure full speed Pico-8 compatibility.

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