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Would it be possible to port Pico 8 to iOS, PS4, Vita, and/or Switch? I tried using the browser version on iOS but touch controls are unusable. When pressing the dpad a few times, the background webpage is scrolled or selected (marked in blue), the display is not fullscreen, and I have no sound.

Is there any consensus on Pico 8 controls? It seems some games require keyboard presses that are not available on a game controller. Is this supposed to be a virtual computer or game console? If it was a console it should not require keyboard input.

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I know that there's a LUA engine for PSP. Is it possible to port Pico-8 to the PSP? This would be awesome! I think the main question is if the PSP is fast enough to run Pico-8.

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How can I verify that Pico-8 is running at full speed? I installed it on my netbook and I think I witnessed some slow-down. How do I tell if it is running at the intended speed?

Most emulators have an fps or percentage fps display. If it displays 100%, you know you are experiencing the speed of the original console.

That brings me to another point: Obviously some games are more CPU intensive than others. Does the Pico-8 specs specify a CPU clock or max CPU speed? I am asking because it would be nice to verify that my netbook's Atom chip is fast enough to run ANY possible future Pico-8 game, or to verify what machine I should purchase to ensure full speed Pico-8 compatibility.

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