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Hi! I am looking for a pixel art tutorial specific to PICO-8’s restrictions.

My students start to create sprites and tile sets. I would like to help them make something great. Of course there are lots of pixel art tutorials online, but they are nearly always about larger sprites, 16x16 or greater. Good stuff, but mostly frustrating if you try to apply that to 8x8 sprites.

I guess there is a lot to be said about …

  • dealing with only 8x8 pixels
  • how to use the 16 color palette
  • how to create depth
  • how to design a tile set for creating interesting maps
  • how to avoid repetition

Has anybody ever tried to write that down? Or made a video? I‘ve looked through all PICO-8 resources, tutorials and magazines I could get a hold of – and that’s a lot! – but I could not find anything suitable.

Any ideas?

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Hi everyone!

I picked up PICO-8 again after some months and discovered some very strange thing: The mouse click needs to be very "hard" to be recognised by the editor. I swift and fast one is ignored. When using the macbook track pad it‘s the same. I have set it to "tap to click", that does never work at all (although it works in all other applications).

It feels like the mouse button needs to be down for a small fraction of a second, just a click is not enough. Is the handling of mouse input in PICO-8 handled differently than in the standard OS way? Is there some kind of lag anywhere?

This does not make the editor completely useless, but it's annoying and frustrating. I use macOS Catalina.

Any ideas?

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Hello PICO-Sphere.

We had a game jam last week at the design faculty of the TH Nuremberg. A room full of design students were given a Jelpy cart (extended with various new tricks) and created graphics, levels and sound over five days. Here is the result, 8 sweet jump’n’runs, playable in the browser:


p.s.: Is it ok to post this in the Cartridges forum?

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Does anybody know if the PICO-8 typeface is available as a regular font anywhere? I guess it‘s coded differently as a regular font in PICO-8 so someone would have to recreate it to use outside.

I want to create a game jam poster and of course it would look great to use the 5x3 characters for that, in print.

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