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Cart #meterstoshade-0 | 2022-10-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

100 Meters to Shade

Ludum Dare link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/51/1000-meters-to-shade

My entry to LD51, where the theme is "Every 10 Seconds." Use the arrow keys to navigate 1000 meters to the right, towards shade. When a solar flare is coming, hide in the shade of a cactus.

Thanks for playing!

P#118396 2022-10-02 21:58 ( Edited 2022-10-04 12:06)


Ah, won the game at 132-seconds. Nice patience game, @paloblancogames. Awful planet to visit or live on with all the solar flares. Gold star achievement.

P#118407 2022-10-03 00:26 ( Edited 2022-10-03 00:26)

Thanks @dw817. "Patience game" - I've not heard of that genre before but it immediately makes sense. I like it! It's really the only challenge element here, since cactus frequency is constant all the way to the end.

P#118429 2022-10-03 11:49

Pretty fun, and the graphical effects are really cool too.

P#118476 2022-10-03 23:42

Phew, with around 60 meters per 10 seconds, I finally reached the end safely.

BTW is this game submitted to LDJam page?

P#118498 2022-10-04 04:13

@Bloodbane I added the LDJam link above. Thanks for the reminder!

P#118513 2022-10-04 12:06

Such a great game for the jam. Loving the visuals, didn't know it was possible to do this hybrid draw approach. Nice attention to detail with the shadow moving across when passing the sun. :)

P#118540 2022-10-04 18:25

excellent graphics in such a tight space (indeed the blast effect is really good)

P#118542 2022-10-04 18:46

Such a great game for a jam; well done!

P#123286 2022-12-30 04:22

It's been 10 or so months since this game was created, but I keep coming back to play it every now and then. It's stuck in my mind as one of the best jam entries I've ever played. For such a simple concept you really knocked it out of the park

P#132464 2023-07-27 15:33


P#136520 2023-10-28 00:11

Awesome effects and visualizations! Push-your-luck at it's best :D

P#136539 2023-10-28 14:52

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