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SpaceCrawler is a turn based dungeon crawler with Sci-Fi setting, inspired by StarCrawlers.

Thanks to @freds72 and @waynaul

Any comments or criticisms are welcome :)

release 1.1.1 (2020-09-13)

  • token optimization

Cart #snake_scrwl_1-9 | 2020-09-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

update 1.1.0 (2020-08-12)
This is a major update

  • Item creation overhawl
  • Add a new type of weapons: Melee (Blade) and relative Skill (Melee)
  • Remove shields. Now armours can have protection for all type of weapons
  • Grenades efficency is tested against enemy level vs grenade level and not armour defence
  • Add Flash Grenade: it blinds enemy and halves his chance to hit and doubles your chance to flee
  • Add Fire Granade: it burns enemy and remove HP for every turn (amount based on granade level)
  • Shop has 10 random items
  • Player start with a gun and a knife (light blade) in the inventory
  • token optimization

update 1.0.6 (2020-08-09)

  • bugfixing

update 1.0.5 (2020-08-07)

  • fix random seed handling
  • token optimization

update 1.0.4 (2020-07-14)
I try to rebalance the game. Now the enemy are far less strong.

  • rework of enemy creation (now are much less strong and with less variation)
  • reworked weapon power calculation. Power is lower and price is based on level (lower price)
  • reduced start credits to 20
  • doubled medikit base hp
  • mission alert now has 6 levels (0-5 instead of 1-5)
  • updated faction power and faction relationship management after a mission
  • now player start with a base equipment (laser gun (lsr.gun), light armour (l.armour), light shield (l.shield))
  • update and fix inventory screen during combat
  • add savegame on buy or sell items
  • add savegame when start a mission
  • small update in exploration screen
  • when player levels up, his health is fully restored
  • token optimization

update 1.0.3 (2020-07-12)

  • fix defence bug when calculating damage. defence is allways 0 (thanks to @waynaul)
  • reworking the calculation of the possibility of hitting with grenades
  • improved inventory screen in combat
  • small improvements in skill screen (Iron Waste)

update 1.0.2 (2020-07-12)

  • fix some typos
  • optimize tokens

update 1.0.1 (2020-07-10)

  • fix music handling
  • fix game-end screen
  • fix level generation
  • fix grenades in combat
  • optimize tokens
P#79082 2020-07-09 04:35 ( Edited 2020-09-13 12:21)

This game gives me fond memories of playing old D&D CRPGs. I think you did a great job with the 3D levels.

I think I need some guidance on how to make progress. When I purchase a weapon, armor and shield from the store, I seem to only have enough AP to equip the weapon, and I die against the first enemy. I then tried training on a stat that grants AP and I was able to equip everything, but the enemies are still hitting me for 40 HP so I die against the third enemy.

I've only played a handful of times so far, but I can already see the tremendous amount of work and polish you put into this game, and I can see there is a lot of depth in the mechanics and lore as well

P#79164 2020-07-11 14:39

@waynaul Thanks for your post.

Although not as complex as the old D&Ds, it has more mechanics than it can explain in the game screens. I think it's a mistake in a game, so I'll try to correct it. Below is an explanation of the mechanics.


There are 3 types of weapons

  • Laser (ENW Skill)
  • Guns (KNW Skill)
  • Blades (MLW Skill)
    3 types of erenades
  • Stun grenades (TRW Skill): Remove all target action points
  • Flash grenades (TRW Skill): Blind enemies halving his hit chance and doubling flee chance
  • Fire grenades (TRW Skill): Burn enemies reducing his HP every turn (HP is reduced by granade level+1)
    and 21 Armour that can protect from the 3 weapon types
  • Kinetic protection against Guns
  • Energy protection against Lasers
  • Melee protection against Blades

E.S.: If you have an armour that not protect against Kinetic weapons, an enemy with a Gun does to you the maximum damage that his gun can do... and vice versa.

Character progression

Currently the maximum level that can be reached is 9, so when you get to level 10 the game ends.
Fore each level you gain 2 skill points (SKP) for a maximum of 20.
Each skill can have max 4 points.


Factions have 2 properties:
Power (PWR) and Relationship (REL): the former indicates how close the faction is to controlling the Galactic Council (90%), while the latter indicates the relationship with the faction.
If the faction becomes hostile to you, it will no longer give you missions. If all the factions become all hostile to you, the game ends.
If a faction reaches control of the Galactic Council, the game ends with a different end per faction.

P#79177 2020-07-12 00:26 ( Edited 2020-08-12 21:44)

same comment - first encounter (unpredictable but ok), I miss all my shots.
Tried multiple times, first enemy = insta death
Suggest to improve game balance!

P#79201 2020-07-12 10:44 ( Edited 2020-07-12 10:48)

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