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Hello !

I am excited to say that apparently it is indeed possible to copy and paste music from Pico-8 to the Lexaloffle BBS and it creates an awesome jukebox interface besides. Here for instance is an example from @zep's own Hello demo.


So how is it done ? Well, it's tricky and I'm surprised anyone managed to figure it out. To the best of my knowledge, @Gruber is one of the first.


So how can you do it ? First bring up Pico-8 that has the music you want to paste Online. Make sure you are in the MUSIC editor, not the SFX. Now click HERE on the zero zero:

Now click this pink arrow HERE until you can no longer see colored dots above the numbers:

In this case, it is track 11.

Now HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY and click the very last number that has colored dots above it. A visual change will appear so it looks like THIS:

NOTICE the 9 and 10 are now GREEN. This means you can actually copy it now. Go press CTRL+C to copy all of this to the clipboard, it will work now.

Then in your message, hit CTRL+V to paste it. Do a preview and there it is, ready to play Online.


And that's it ! I think this will aid musicians out there to share their original music out there when all they want to do is have an Online jukebox for others to enjoy.


P#68804 2019-10-12 17:43 ( Edited 2019-10-12 18:01)

also you can paste it back into pico-8.
click on [ sfx ] just under the player, right-click on the selected text, copy. in pico-8's music tab, click on a pattern first (took me a while to figure out) and ctrl-v.

P#68809 2019-10-12 19:13
:: dw817

Yep yep.

There's a problem with that though. the GREEN notes are not being transferred properly from BBS to editor. You can see this if you try to transfer @Gruber's song.


Just click the [SFX] button beneath, copy, paste, play, and it doesn't sound anything like what he posted.

Hopefully @zep will fix this next release - and show clicks in the music channels in the music editor so the user knows they have selected something.

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