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It's finally here!. Some of you may have seen the video tutorial I was working on over the year. Well, the game is finally ready to be playtested!

How to play

The game is a straight-forward vanilla Breakout / Arkanoid clone. You need to destroy the bricks by hitting them with a ball. If the ball leaves the bottom of the screen you lose. You need to move your pad left and right to keep the ball on the screen.

There are some finer details that make it more interesting. If you move the pad WHILE you hit the ball, you can change the angle of the ball's trajectory. The ball snaps to 3 different angles. There are also different powerups, which appear when you destroy a blue block.

Playtesting Help!

I need your help playtesting the game. There are 15 levels. I need players, who can beat the game. After the you've beaten the game, please go right on the High Score screen. You'll get a screen with numbers. Make a screenshot of that screen and post it here. They are various stats that I want to keep track of.

Also - of course - please let me know if you encounter any bugs or weird behavior. Also, let me know what you would change about the game.

Thanks in advance! Enjoy!

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Great game!

P#50033 2018-03-06 17:22


This is beautifully done. Nice work!

P#50358 2018-03-13 08:04


Hey! You're the guy who made the Pico-8 Overview video for TeamworkCast right? That's the video that sold me on Pico-8! Thanks for making it!!! Nice Breakout clone!

I actually had shared your video series withe NintendoAge, in the "brewery" section (I hail from the NES homebrew community, branching out to Pico-8 lately.)


KHAN Games, a friend from the NES homebrew community I believe first encountered Pico-8 via this thread and your videos, and just released Study Hall: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=30929 a de-make of his own NES game.

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