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I'd like to use a retro-styled NES USB controller with PICO-8 on Windows & Mac (and Raspberry Pi, eventually). The ones I've found so far on Amazon all have terrible reviews, though. Any recommendations for a good USB retro controller?

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Portland Indie Game Squad gave out a bunch of a PIGSquad-branded NES controllers at their last big event. They're Retrolink NES USB controllers and they've been working pretty well with PICO-8. I personally haven't had any problems so far. Here's a photo of what we were giving out (not me in the photo, lol):

If you do happen do get one, here's the string I used in the sdl_controllers.txt file to get them to work with PICO-8:

79001100000000000000504944564944,SSJ Controller,a:b2,b:b1,back:b8,start:b9,leftx:a3,lefty:a4,platform:Windows,
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I use this gamepad with PICO-8. It's very good and strong (I share a lot of them at some PICO8 events : sarcastick, picoscope...).

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I'll second jihem, this controller has worked for me very reliably out of the box on every system I've tried it on... Windows, Raspberry Pie, pocketchip, etc.

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I have one of those also (and it's good), but Buffalo also do a more NES (well Famicom really) style pad:


I would recommend that one too. I use both pads on Windows and Pi, and they work great.

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Worth noting is that, while it's tempting to use an NES controller because the button count matches, the SNES controller is far more useful because you can use it with a lot more apps/emulators.

For that matter, a six-button controller might be the best idea. I've always been partial to the original japanese saturn gamepads (but not the chunky, sharp-edged north american ones).

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I run a lot of emulators, And even use my pad for my music and movie apps when I'm sitting in the armchair or bed instead of the at the pc.

I use a Logitech f710 wireless pad. It's got that typical PS3/PS4 shape, Analog shoulder buttons, Rumble, Xinput/Dinput functionality and they go for as little as 15$ Canadian in some places like Staples when there's a clearance sale. I picked up 4 not too long ago for about 40$.

I'd find a 4-button 4-dir pad a bit limiting for most things I'd use it for on the PocketCHIP. Fortunately from what I read most of the games and such I'd want to run on the PC support the driver for the F710 in linux so I should be good.

It's even got that "Windows Game Center/PS4 Home" button in the middle though I find the Win10 game overlay annoying and haven't used it once.

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