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Cart #constantcompanion-5 | 2021-09-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


This is a niche tool to help you save characters when writing carts that are codesize-constrained.

  • type in a number; press enter
  • then press up/down and ctrl-c/enter to copy a code
  • navigate back up (or press backspace) to start typing a new number

Example: 0x6000 can be written as 0x6000 (6 chars), 24576 (5 chars), 6^13 (4 chars) or ⌂-🐱 (3 chars!)

The tool isn't too smart, but it sorts the results by character count, so the top results are your best bet.


While I was making Free Cell 1K (itch | twitter | bbs) for the #Pico1K jam, I realized I could save characters by taking advantage of the built-in constants. I needed to poke a few things to various addresses (for setting the palette, drawing dynamic shadows with bitplanes, and enabling the mouse) so I had code that looked like this:

-- 94 chars (not including comments or newlines)
poke(0x5F10,8,1,251,7,4,0,3,15) --palette
poke(0x5F2D,3) --mouse
poke(0x5F5C,-1) --disable btnp repeat
poke(0x5F5E,0xF4) --shadows on
poke(0x5F5E,0xFF) --shadows off

Each of those poke addresses uses 6 characters; we can do better! The first thing I did to save characters was this:

-- 84 chars (not including comments or newlines)

But then I saw @zep tweet a trick for writing sqrt(x) as x^█ instead (because █ (shift+A) is defined to have a value of 0.5), and I realized I could do even better: the 😐 (shift+M) character is defined to have a value of -24351.5, so I did this:

-- 95 chars (not including comments or newlines)

95 chars is not an improvement... yet! However, poke() ignores fractional addresses, so those .5s aren't necessary. Also, I was able to combine the 0x5F5C and 0x5F5E pokes into a single poke, which nullifies some of the relative advantage of the A=24365 technique. In the end, this was the shortest code I could find:

-- 64 chars (not including comments or newlines)

This saves 2 characters over the equivalent version that uses A=24365 instead of the moon face. (or maybe just 1 character, if the newline after q=poke2 can't be removed)

how did you know moon face was the one to use?!

I didn't! I wrote a program to brute-force try all the built-in symbols and see if any were useful for my needs. Check out tab 5 of the cart ("analysis") to see the brute-force algorithm I used.

I've cleaned that program up and posted it here for you. It might be less useful for tweetcarts (because stuff like 😐 takes up 2 characters on twitter) but it saved me 1~2 entire characters (genuinely very helpful!) during the Pico1K jam, and I hope it helps you too.

Leave a message here or tag me on twitter if you found it useful; I'd like to see what you make!


  • v5: show options (and allow them to be copied) as soon as they're found. (no longer need to wait for the entire search to complete)
P#97937 2021-09-28 21:48 ( Edited 2021-09-29 19:14)



Thank you - this will be VERY useful! 🤓👍

P#98001 2021-09-29 19:12
:: touk

Silly, but useful, nice job!

P#98024 2021-09-30 03:18

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