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I think only the old players will remember ...
But after a while I had been promised a new game ...
Too bad it'll never do it because I do not have the original voxatron.
If anyone remember me, leave a comment.
Special thanks to Ladybug.
who did that I created my games
Goodbye Zep maybe I come back to play this game someday.
When I have some money XD.

P#8021 2013-12-12 09:41 ( Edited 2013-12-17 04:48)

ok i go make a game whit the old voxatron...
to end my journey

P#8022 2013-12-12 10:00 ( Edited 2013-12-12 15:00)

awn, good bye

P#8023 2013-12-13 05:04 ( Edited 2013-12-13 10:04)

Woah, wait, how did you lose your new copy of voxatron?

I know I'm new and all, But I played some of your levels, and they are actually kind of neat. If you downloaded from the humble store, you could redownload it there, and you can even redeem a lexaloffle key and keep the game to your "Account" and you can re-download the latest version from there!

If you really have to leave, I won't stop you, but I am strongly suggesting you do something about this. Give Zep your receipt and he might provide you with the new version? I'm throwing out suggestions here...

P#8024 2013-12-13 08:13 ( Edited 2013-12-13 13:13)

i no have the original game i downloaded after 3 months trying

P#8027 2013-12-13 08:49 ( Edited 2013-12-13 13:49)

is very gratifying to know that still play my games ...
Although "Deshn" was a character I created when I was 5 years ...
Well I think it is also better quit here ...
I'm already with a little more violence in my repertoire of games and I'm losing patience and ideas ...
I think after put his hand in a FPS you are uncreative.
It's life there's no denying.
Maybe I look back to the course of this game.
Who knows.
Maybe someday I'll buy this game.
I think we better stop playing this game without paying for it.
Ok this is too long.
One last warning.
I'm Brazilian!

P#8028 2013-12-13 09:00 ( Edited 2014-03-11 23:44)

it is my youtube chanell
to who like my creations

P#8029 2013-12-13 09:04 ( Edited 2013-12-13 14:04)

Oh huh...

I am about 2 months new so I never even knew about this, there is a voxatron that used to be available free (A prototype, probably), but with all the updates now it absolutely has to cost.

Even for a Brazilian, your English is good. Sorry you are leaving...

P#8030 2013-12-13 09:46 ( Edited 2013-12-13 14:46)

ha ha, i think deshn is openly admitting to being "pirate" or maybe downloaded without paying y'know. Its only $15 but thats alot for some. Oh well deshn your levels are good. Comeback someday. Thanks!

P#8031 2013-12-14 05:37 ( Edited 2013-12-14 10:37)
P#8032 2013-12-14 08:00 ( Edited 2013-12-14 13:00)

Hey deshn, I appreciate the contribution you've made to the fledgling Voxatron community, and I'd be glad to give you a copy. However, it is a little unfair on other users who have financially supported the project.

So, here's how we'll do it. Everyone in favour of gifting deshn a legit license, say aye!

Update: ladybug forked a new thread here

P#8049 2013-12-16 23:00 ( Edited 2013-12-17 05:29)


P#8050 2013-12-16 23:01 ( Edited 2013-12-17 05:28)

aye! hey good idea ill relink this via a new link

P#8051 2013-12-16 23:48 ( Edited 2013-12-17 04:48)

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