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Deshn or LMP (i no go say my full name)
Live in Brazil, have ?? years old, no speak good english, have a serious control problems (easy to get angry) love time travels and the doctor who series.
Like shooters and open world games.
And have a big problem to make friends.
Hard to get scary.
Love rock in roll, and classic musics (O.o).
Ok... no have more things to say.

Yep i have got some time left and i just made this thing, i'm a very bad artist and it is the first time i make non stick characters so give a discount, and i take this photo whit the tablet cam. If you want a game of this chapter (yes Deshn Venks/Adventures is a history That i have in my head...With more developed story than my games) say to me.

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I was bored... so i decided to make a tiny game to be a sequel to deshn adventures 4, i hope you enjoy... and it is very very lite. :)

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Voxatron is a really good game, but it can have a online multiplayer? I know it is very hard but it is possible? Is really good tink one day i will see voxatronians in a town.

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OK... i was creating a new level, after make the character, i started to create the rooms, but, the teleport no work, i tried all, but nofhing works, i tried the classic door but i no find the destination point. ANYONE CAN HELP ME?

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I know, all of us is waiting the update, but why no do things now? I are trying to make a tiny animation but it is very hard, (and i no have time because i have a 5,3 i geography) i stay trying to do this but my old computer died whit a explosion, and now i have to start all again, yeah i will make a "Deshn adventures origins" because, I'm trying to create it since age 5.
I'm really anxious, because it will be 6 pieces because of some assorted details.
Yes "Deshn" (pronounced deschen) is not a nickname, but the name of the character I created a long time, and I had seven years to think about the story. And... is to hard to tink in a good story in this age... who are at same age knows why. Ok i said many things and i think 30% of them are wrong because i am brazilian... (i live in a country of idiots) ok bye and i will wait the update.

By: Luã Moreira Ponciano (or i)

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I'm in a little jam, I have 2 games in mind.
But of course I will do only 1 of the 2, want to know what game you want.
Deshn Adventures: origin, or Deshn Adventures 5: The traveler Time.
the first game tells the story of Deshn and the second one of his adventures

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Zep you can make the card of this game to the BBS list?

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Ok how to start?... ok i tinked a rpg map, but i need a very big help because i want to he have open world, but whiout the screen cut, and multiplayer i go need a strong help, and zep you can help too?...

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zep, I was building a reformulation of Metal Slug
When I had a surprise that left me scared.
When I was testing the game he caught.
Well this is quite common for me but if it were only so ...
I realized that while trying to shut down the game, the sound seemed a scream,
tried unplugging unhelpfully after a went to the source of pc time and I hung up, but ...
the sound did not stop.
'm going away for a week after that I come back, I'm not kidding attention moreover I took a picture of the screen,
here it is, the image was blurred and then went on a progam and it came out:

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Someday voxatron can be played with the video game control?
Furthermore it would be very interesting if the voxatron possessed a cursor for easier shoot at enemies

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it is a impossible game i maked it to funny who try

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I think only the old players will remember ...
But after a while I had been promised a new game ...
Too bad it'll never do it because I do not have the original voxatron.
If anyone remember me, leave a comment.
Special thanks to Ladybug.
who did that I created my games
Goodbye Zep maybe I come back to play this game someday.
When I have some money XD.

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ok ... I'm halfway through my game (for voxatron)
Do you prefer the deshn ... escape and save marria ... release it and go to the end (combat with boss)?

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I'm producing a new game (for voxatron)
He will tell the origin of Deshn

P#7525 2013-07-20 13:24 ( Edited 2013-07-20 20:16)

Well .. I'm leaving the voxatron ...
because I was hired to design a game ...
Sorry to my fans (if I have any)

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