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Updated to fix a design error that prevented accessing all the computers following certain paths. Added map transitions

Cart #space_engineer-6 | 2023-12-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#68915 2019-10-16 01:15 ( Edited 2023-12-15 18:01)

This is really nice. Relaxed play puzzle solve the switches - or at least relaxed play for me so far. :) Definitely gets you your first star.

This is good on so many levels. For one thing it shows me even without viewing the source what a good mapper and sprite tool should do for the programmer. Information I can use for future coding.

That was fun ... but I think you're short one key. Count your locked doors and keys and let me know if I missed one.

P#68917 2019-10-16 01:53 ( Edited 2019-10-16 02:55)

I really like this. Very simple idea, but nice and relaxing to play. I got stuck after finding 19 keys. There's one door I can't get through. I guess you have to find the optimal route so that you don't get locked out?

P#68926 2019-10-16 08:32

Like they said, really fun and relaxing. I guess I got the optimal route, because I never got stuck. There's a key for every door, absolutely. Maybe though that's something to consider, rethink it so that you can never get stuck. Anyways, pretty cool game!

P#68948 2019-10-17 01:16

Cool little adventure! I got stuck as well, but I was enjoying it up until that point.

P#69106 2019-10-20 10:55

I saw what you did with those locked doors with no keys behind them early on, got it first go ;D

Great little minigame :D

P#69370 2019-10-27 21:14

Hi! Thanks for all the comments! There's enough keys to open all doors, but most of them are in rooms to the right of the biggest room at the beginning. If you get stuck, retracing your steps to the right rooms will take you to them. The main characters are my kiddos, who are 5 year old twins and a 3 year old. Again, thanks for the great feedback!

P#69427 2019-10-29 00:00

Made a faster input. Coders, if you use BTNP() for arrow movements, please consider using my BTNPZ() instead. Still has a nice delay between strokes but a bit faster for gameplay.

Cart #radarozeme-0 | 2019-10-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#69458 2019-10-29 16:50 ( Edited 2019-10-29 20:11)

Thanks for the tip!

P#69477 2019-10-30 01:21

Sure, and YES ! I played it again waiting to the last minute to unlock a door, and this time it worked. I won the game this time.

You've got a great game here, @Adri314. I would consider making a logo and true 128x128 picture win screen.

P#69478 2019-10-30 01:34

Epic game. I'm currently working on a little game that uses the same youtube tutorial series as this, and I like how you changed it to make it a lot more interesting. One thing I would suggest is using pal() to change the colors on the different characters rather than using different sprites. Simply replace the light blue on the person with orange or green, draw the character, then reset the palette.

P#98179 2021-10-03 22:54

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