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Cart #kalikan_menu-6 | 2023-07-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Kalikan is a vertically scrolling bullet hell 'shmup inspired by Dodonpachi- pushing the limits of ~virtual~ hardware . Control one of 3 1 ship(s) featuring two varied attack modes . Maintain your chain to compete for the highest scores

*NOTE: Kalikan is a work in progress . Things are subject to change- and your feedback is incredibly welcome . If you enjoy Kalikan and have something you watch added , edited , changed , or removed , let me know !


  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Use the X key to shoot
  • Use the Z key to bomb


Kalikan features GPS ( get point system ) scoring , for maximum points you will need to combo enemy kills together into long chains which increase your score multiplier exponentially !

Additionally , medals can be chained together to multiply their value !


Will be taking a break from this project for a bit , but will likely come back eventually .

Thanks for your support <3 - Louie

P#131586 2023-07-03 13:26 ( Edited 2023-07-08 15:22)


So much love went into this, this an amazing shmup.

P#131590 2023-07-03 14:59

you're impressive

P#131595 2023-07-03 17:18


I can't really tell how good the game, since it's exactly the type of shmup I don't personally like. However, I think if getting high scores through combos is a major emphasis, then a menu option to go back to ship select would be a good idea once you have more ships. That way players can quickly check which one is best for each section of the game.

P#131602 2023-07-03 20:54

@Yopenatal @Sup3rAw3som3Gam3r Thank you guys :")

@kimiyoribaka That's a good idea ! Thanks for playing <3

P#131610 2023-07-04 00:57

this game feels great! i'm not the greatest at shmup games but this one was really fun! i ended up getting the 1st rank score and spamming the leaderboard, somehow (is anyone gonna beat my score? haha). the game is just really smooth and the bullet laser mechanic is very nice. great game!

edit: for the locked ships, are they not added yet and will be on the next update?

P#131613 2023-07-04 03:48 ( Edited 2023-07-04 12:48)

Stunning graphics and dodonpachi play

P#131637 2023-07-04 15:30

@VaniaIsAnIdiot Sadly the leaderboard is local only- so you're only beating your own scores ! haha

@OWD5238 Thank you ! <3

P#131671 2023-07-05 14:05

I've been keeping an eye out for this since you posted the teaser on Reddit a few weeks ago and it's absolutely exceptional! Quite possibly my favourite Pico-8 shmup for far, shame I'm utter crap at it.

Well done for such a high quality execution. I've paid money for games with less polish ;)

P#131675 2023-07-05 18:01

Thank you @marclurr :')

P#131677 2023-07-05 23:36 ( Edited 2023-07-05 23:36)

Louie this is brilliant and the music too, amazing. My 6 yr old is addicted to it on the Steam Deck, great seeing him after a few goes get up that screen and more aggressive! Keep up the amazing work!

P#131681 2023-07-06 05:31

@markikav That's so sweet :') Made my night <3

Thank you ! I intend on it as best I can haha

P#131689 2023-07-06 14:25

Oh wow, can't believe you've added a second ship already. And it totally changes the gameplay. Really cool.

P#131788 2023-07-09 21:48

It's all fairly modular ! So it's really easy to add new ships , the art was done already- but I did this in about 5 hours odd hours !

Thank you ! I wanted to add something really weird haha

P#131795 2023-07-10 01:52

This is one of the most impressive Pico releases I've ever seen. So well done, so playable, so intense. Fantastic work.

P#131867 2023-07-12 10:46

It is a beautiful game! Maybe, I have one question: how to unlock the third ship?

P#132113 2023-07-18 21:52

@RevStu Thank you ! I tried really hard to make it feel good to play and watch !

@B.R. currently there's only two :') I'm taking a break on developing this for a bit

P#132121 2023-07-19 02:33

Oh! Thank you! And have a nice day!

P#132168 2023-07-20 21:49

fun game

P#132764 2023-08-05 16:40

Absolutely awesome game! Just wow!

Just an aside, you can stop people using the menu by poking 0x5f30 when they press btn 6. Just in case you don’t want them resetting the cart.

P#133039 2023-08-14 05:46

this game is incredibly fun. i know i'm going to be trying to beat it for while

P#133506 2023-08-25 12:24

Pretty hard bullet hell at times but amazingly coded and animated. Looks and plays beautifully. Also love the Arcade reference by the checking screen and insert coin stuff. :)

P#133825 2023-09-01 13:43

@B.R. @LOL_1234 @Hessery @Melonsquid @Tarik

Thank you so much guys ! It's so nice to see you all enjoying it <3

P#133842 2023-09-01 20:21

dozens of attemps... keeping the combo up... no type C yet, unfortunately....

P#133845 2023-09-01 21:43

@blinelemoneyes10 I haven't made it yet ! xD Nothing you do will unlock it quite yet sorry :')

I'm just being a tease <3

P#133854 2023-09-02 06:27 ( Edited 2023-09-02 06:27)

best pico-8 shmup ive played except now my fingers hurt
also got a ton of konami vibes and i like it

P#133891 2023-09-03 14:59 ( Edited 2023-09-03 15:04)

This is great!!! Im excited for new updates :D

P#134004 2023-09-07 00:02

This is truly amazing. Great work!

P#134078 2023-09-09 05:19

Less gooo I’m on first with DRN

P#134552 2023-09-18 20:59

I have filled the top 3 with just me lol.

P#134647 2023-09-20 13:33

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