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Cart #aurapower-0 | 2022-11-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hi everyone, I wrote this song over the weekend, I hope you like it! 😀

P#121087 2022-11-21 00:44


I thought that sounded a little too good for Pico-8, @ridgekuhn. :)

Very clever use of WAVs. I think what you wrote here is a MOD music. Perhaps the very first for this Fantasy Console.


Well done, gold star for you and your superb coding and musical ability.

Here is a shining example of MOD music. The limit to it is 4-tracks at a time so it is right up there with Pico-8's music ability except for playback of WAVs at different speeds to give pitch to them.


P#121088 2022-11-21 00:49 ( Edited 2022-11-21 00:58)

@dw817 Thanks for the star!! It's actually all p8 tracker! I obscured the data w my build pipeline from Downstream Dream bc I have a few tracker tricks that I'd like to keep semi-secret for now. 😅 I do plan on experimenting with WAVs for my next game though! Thanks for the link, checking it out now, I'll have to look into how this works!

P#121089 2022-11-21 01:05 ( Edited 2022-11-21 01:35)

I heard this song a few hours after you submitted it to the radio. It's great, just like the soundtrack in downstream dream.

Looking forward to more chiptune I can listen to while cleaning :).

P#121144 2022-11-22 02:38

@alanxoc3 Thank you so much! ps, I just submitted another to radico, lol!

P#121149 2022-11-22 03:27

gah I don't have any more single songs to add but when I get my projects done I'd love to add a few of the tracks to the radio!
Like the song :p

P#121155 2022-11-22 07:13

@SmellyFishstiks Thank you!!

P#121159 2022-11-22 08:18

i have no idea how you've made it, but its banger so star.

P#121233 2022-11-23 14:06

@ioil13 Thank you!

P#121297 2022-11-24 03:46


I like it

@ridgekuhn , @alanxoc3 , @SmellyFishstiks I'm out of the loop. What "radio" are you all talking about?

P#121303 2022-11-24 07:04

@mattu82 Thank you!! The radio is "Radico8", a cool program by @alanxoc3 that scans music from submitted carts and streams them on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0FfsezlcEk

P#121304 2022-11-24 07:14

@ridgekuhn neat! just submitted a change myself 😀

P#121305 2022-11-24 08:10

@mattu82 looking forward to hearing it!

P#121307 2022-11-24 08:51

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