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I love them SO much for doing this! :D

P#48560 2018-01-26 01:43 ( Edited 2018-01-26 01:43)


Congrats Matt and Noel, on your... "SURPRISE MASTERPIECE!!!" :o

Official 10/10

P#48889 2018-02-02 11:54 ( Edited 2018-02-02 11:55)


I just beat the Switch version of Celeste and I have to say you guys did an amazing job. Celeste for Pico-8 and Switch are both my favorite platforming games, right up there with Super Metroid. Thanks for this game!

P#49324 2018-02-16 04:49


Just wanted to make an account to say that this thread itself is a really inspirational thing for someone like me who's looking to get my foot in the door for animation and game development.

This thread only further cements the idea that masterpieces start from humble beginnings and that's really meaningful to me. Thanks for the great experience and I'm glad I dug through some of the old stuff around here.

P#50868 2018-03-26 17:53


^ that

It was amazing when I saw Celeste arrive on Switch. If I remember right, an early build Celeste was the first thing I ever saw in Splore.

It was pretty cool to see the game grow up. :)

P#50872 2018-03-26 19:48


I got 10 minutes, 4 seconds with all 15 berries.

P#51547 2018-04-12 11:08 ( Edited 2018-04-13 21:05)


guess what: this game was my dream platformer and I love playing this version of it. in truth, modern Celeste is actually my dream platformer since you're just soooo fast, but this is still easily one of the best (or the best?) game on pico-8 and it's by far my favorite

P#53037 2018-05-26 14:44


Wow, just wow. Is this THE original? Is this where Celeste all began? I'm new to pico8 and never made any code before, but if pico8 can make this, I have no excuses to make the games I want to create, because it can certainly handle them. I want to start of with a small platformer, kinda like Slime-san or, Celeste. Tough as nails, but still fun. May have to split it into multiple carts if I want to put in dialogue or a story though.

P#53126 2018-05-31 00:24


Yes! This is where it began (and you can play this PICO-8 version inside the retail Celeste game, as an homage). To be fair, Celeste strains the PICO-8's limitations a fair bit, but yeah, you can do a lot on the platform. And it's a good way to prototype a larger game quickly (like eventually ended up being the case for Celeste, although I don't think that was the plan at the time).

This is a similar game, definitely tought as nails, maybe you could get inspired by that too: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=52574&tid=31258

P#53144 2018-05-31 16:55

:: Celeste Practice Mod

For those who wish to speedrun this, here's a practice mod made by Justin.

Quoting the instructions from his 100% tutorial:

In the practice mod, you can press S to jump back a level, F to jump forward a level, and E to toggle a level timer.

As of version v200m of the practice mod, it is possible to customize the HUD. To do so, press ESC when at the PICO-8 terminal to get to the code screen. There is a variable HUD which can be modified to customize the HUD to your liking.

Cart [#53997#] | Copy | Code | 2018-07-08 | Link

P#53998 2018-07-08 00:19

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