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R�mi B

Cart #12367 | 2015-08-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Save humanity from extinction:
Shoot and Cross your beams to destroy invaders!

  • Up/Down to move BLUE shooter
  • Left/Right to move YELLOW shooter
  • Their intersection is a GREEN beam
  • Z to shoot
  • Kill the enemies with the righ beam color or they will spawn 2 other enemies! (killing a blue or yellow enemy with the green intersection = fail)


Feedbacks appreciated :)

Updated : added music made with a friend. Only problem : I forgot that I had SFX and he made a 4 channel music :s so I had to mute the drums... (at least I will not do that mistake again)

This is my first game with pico8, it was a lot of fun to do! I don't have a lot of spare time and Pico8 allows very short code/creation sessions! Thanks Zep!

P#10693 2015-05-15 17:55 ( Edited 2015-09-07 17:16)

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