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Hi PICO-8 community! My name is Jay and I've been a PICO-8 fan for a long time and I wanted to gauge interest in a book I'm writing. The book takes you through the journey of creating a whole game using PICO-8. I start you from scratch and not only shows you the code, but I walk you through it with explanations and pictures. I also discuss design, game development process, offer insights and take you through the journey of making a game. I've attached a 3 page excerpt from my book so far and wanted to get thoughts from everyone. My goal is to teach you to make a game by walking you through one. I hope to give you an appreciation for game creation and in the process you learn something about design, art and code.

A year ago I wanted to clone one of my favorite arcade games Defender. Except that I had the idea of documenting what I did the whole time. It took a while but I have a stack of notes of not only the creation of it, but the design exercises of why things are they way they are and justifying the order of each feature. After I finished, I realized that I could write a book that walks you through the whole thing. I've written 5 chapters so far and I'm estimating how much work it would be to finish and thinking about if anyone would find it useful or interesting.

If you had a book like this, what would you want or expect from it?

A 4 page excerpt of what I'm thinking:

Gif of the final game:

Thanks in advance!

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