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Hi! I'm antibrain, professional nerd. Thanks for checking out my page! Here is where I post ideas, technical demos, p8 utilities and sometimes games. Feel free to look around or even steal some code! If you want to reach out to me, my Twitter is linked and I have discord, but I'm sorta picky on who I add. Sorry if I respond to messages late, I only check the bbs ALMOST every day. If you see something wrong with my code, feel free to bully me about it publicly, and I will change it accordingly and definitely not add a snarky comment in my code about it.

Okay now get out of my house.


-- CORE Demake moved to n.P8 - Feel free to join the celeste classic discord if you have questions/would like to help with n.p8 development

-- Mainly working on one-off mods rn, as well as larger projects, but dev has been on and off recently. Dont be upset if i dont upload anything for awhile!

-- Next Release: Untitled dream block cc mod (With portals!)

-- Big Release: Pipe Dream (Coming... uhh... this year? idk. features metroidvania style backtracking and semi linear levels. [as in you can go back a level or take an alternate path] this one'll take a while ;-;)


Hi !

My name is Alex, I'm a Music composer / amateur Game dev from France.

I make games for Pico-8 !


Here's some music project :

Home Deluxe : https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/homedeluxe/from-nowhere

Shyfu : https://linktr.ee/shyfu

DTC : https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/dtc1/fymP

enjoy ;)



Professional programmer (C#, TypeScript, Java, Ruby, etc.) and hobby cartoonist.

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